HUGEST Sephora Haul Ever (It’s Lit)! What’s NEW At Sephora 2017

OPEN ME FOR ALL OF THE THINGS! Wanna watch another? ♡ Literally The Biggest Makeup Haul Ever Why I Stopped Talking …

by LoeyLane

Ever wanted to create something but didn’t know how or were in need of some styling tips that you were unable to find anywhere on the internet? Not anymore! Our team’s experts have only selected the BEST videos to help you out. This video has received 5010 likes.

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28 thoughts on “HUGEST Sephora Haul Ever (It’s Lit)! What’s NEW At Sephora 2017”

  1. You're literally the ONLY person to not like Viseart smh that didn't even sound honest maybe all the pigment scared you !! and you should also know some of the most high quality makeup has some fall out do to the fact that they're so soft I feel like you're biased and favor certain brand's idk I'm having a hard time trying to figure out your real character as a person I'm having a hard time even leaving this comment because I've never left a comment like this ever but I used to really like your video's and it feels like you're not the same !!

  2. Hello: Glad I found your channel. Love your hair. What are your tried & true masks for intense moisture? I too have blonde processed hair and it's somewhat damaged right now. I really need some deep moisture hair products, Shampoo, Conditioner and more importantly—-masks. Thank you for your help.

  3. if u want $5 off at sephora and free shipping at use my code LHVZ on the app dote at checkout 🙂 i get all my makeup from that app because u get $10 when someone uses ur code and they have really good deals and free shipping on sephora alwaysssss

  4. Hey everyone! I'm an inspiring artist and it would mean the world if you guys start following me on pinterst and tumblr at hopesfabulous! please follow me for all up to date everything makeup!

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