HTC Vive in 2017: Hands-On

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47 thoughts on “HTC Vive in 2017: Hands-On”

  1. So he said that the part that makes the headset is wireless so how would I add that in my vive without cutting any wires because as far as I know u can't remove the cables

  2. Think of this, you buy the game, you have the vr set with the trackers, but you need the gun, well they give you a 3D printer blueprint so that you can print out, put together and click on the trackers! all the guns you want with the tracker able to be used on every weapon, it would be so cool!

  3. Some reviewer was saying how the Oculus Rift's new controllers were better than the Vive's and how HTC now had to play catch-up with Oculus… LMAO like what??

    While Oculus took almost a whole year to come out with controllers, HTC Vive has been working on this next level shit. There is no back and forth for who has to catch-up with whom; Vive has been leaving Oculus in the dust since 2015.

    (All that being said, I do see the benefit of their competition driving innovation and progress.. It's just when Facebook's Rift is trying to put all the current VR game developers under exclusive contracts, it seems to only be putting a strain on the VR market; which is still a very new and small market for the moment.)

  4. demos demos demos…. fuck that we need games that can work in VR with a controller or mouse and keyboard. all this HTC VIVE tracking devices are for Dave and Busters kind of places… :/

  5. Rather than slapping a sensor on all kinds of objects, I think the gloves are the answer. We just need some sort of force feedback on them so you can "hold" a virtual object, with the gloves preventing your hands from closing all the way to simulate that you're holding something.

  6. I wonder if the US military is testing to implement a lot of this into training. With things like what The Void is doing with "physical VR", I'm sure it's in the near future. It'd be a great way to train soldiers. Very futuristic! I like it.

  7. I want a vr bodysuit and somewhere to run. Nothing would make me happier than seeing a game where the only limit is me. Games like resident evil will actually give people an accurate sense of fear. I'm really happy HTC is making efforts to enrich the experience. Though to be completely honest, I need to go use all of it before I buy any of it.

  8. I had a vive for a couple of months. First 2-3 days where amazing but after that it was bad. The tech is not there yet. Way to low resolution for something that is 1 cm from your eyes and the headwear gets sweaty and uncomfortable pretty fast. The cord gets in the way. Basically its bad atm and it need to be lighter, higher res and wireless.

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