How to Unlock an iPhone – Passcode & Network Sim Unlock (2016 Method)

So you have an iPhone and you are wondering how to unlock an iPhone without knowing the passcode or your iPhone has an icloud activation message? Or even if your Apple phone is disabled.

In this video we will talk about all the kinds of Locks for the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6 or any other model.

Passcode Unlock Skip to 0:33
How to Unlock iPhone’s Network – Skip to 01:56
icloud Activation – Skip to 5:00

Unlock Website:
Download iTunes:

All these iPhone unlock methods are verified to work at 2016

This tutorial will also show you how to unlock an iphone forgotten passcode on iOS 9 or any other iOS version


48 thoughts on “How to Unlock an iPhone – Passcode & Network Sim Unlock (2016 Method)”

  1. Just saying if you have the back up and you restore your phone download the back up the passcode will still be on it (the back even remember wifi password so no bullshit here

  2. Here's a new IP & guide to Fully bypass iCloud activation lock Unlockingfox .com (remove space) How to Unlock an iPhone – Passcode & Network Sim Unlock (2016 Method)

  3. Предлагаем следующие услуги:

    – Отвязка от iCloud (Когда требует Apple ID и Пароль);
    – Разблокировка от операторов;
    – Помощь в любых вопросах;
    – Предоставляем всю информацию по IMEI БЕСПЛАТНО!!;
    – Низкие цены и внушительные гарантии!!;
    – В ЛС!


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  5. hola serian tan amables de dejar de destruir celulares porque a mil pies de altura no creo que nada pueda proteger una celular!! sin quedar en mal estado por lo menos, ustedes lo que deberian es enviarme un Iphone 6 para mi uso personal ya que no cuento con uno de esa generacion!! gracias

  6. my grandma gave me an iPhone 4 that she got in a storage sale. i restored it but its still asking me for the iTunes account.. i obviously can't get this information. what can i do from here?

  7. Saben que es triste? ver en este canal videos de como tener un iphone perfecto,o solucionar problemas con tu iphone y no tener uno :(, dijeron sortear mas iphones, cuando lo hacen? :(

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