HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF – Best Motivational Videos Compilation for 2017

This is a compilation of some of the best motivational videos of Youtube.
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Thank you MotivationGrid, RedFrost Motivation, Absolute Motivation and Be Inspired for creating these beautiful inspirational videos.

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Videos used:

NOTHING WILL STOP ME – Motivational Video 2016


Leave Your Mark On The World – Motivational Video



TAKE ACTION – Motivational Video

STARTING OVER – Motivational Video

Eric Thomas
Les Brown
Sugar Ray Leonard
Nick Vujicik
Al Pacino
Sylvester Stallone
Matt Damon
Ray Lewis
Nelson Mandela
Gary Varynerchuck
Brian Rose
Dustin Hoffman
Nassim Taleb
Muhammad Ali
Quentin Tarantino
Greg Plitt
Bo Muchok
CT Fletcher
Tony Robbins
Robert Greene
Stefan Pylarinos
Gabriel Angelo Ajayi
Richard Branson
TD Bishop Jakes
Napoleon Hill
Oprah Winfrey
Elliot Hulse
Jim Rohn
Will Smith
Art Williams
Music by Really Slow Motion:

Event Horizont
Awaken Hearts
This Ends Now (Epic Dark Orchestral)
Epic Soul Factory – Made of Stardust
Beyond The Universe
Reborn from Ashes……
Movies and Footage:

Pursuit of Happiness
The Creed
Knight of Cups
The Gambler
Different Under Armor Ads
Addidas Ad
Reebok Ad
Begin Again

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4)I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary.

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29 thoughts on “HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF – Best Motivational Videos Compilation for 2017”

  1. I got 10 years exp in my career but I need a certification to actually get a high paying job….im damn lazy and percrasinate on doing it…when I just need to damn do it

  2. iam The muscle iam the confidence iam the pain iam the harder will not give up every work out every pain no gain. Fear is your goal and conquer the every single person. motivate your enemies be dominant! I will break my limits!

  3. I love listening to these compilations, however, it's so disappointing and frustrating for me to be really in a zone of boosting my encouragement, creativity…. and then during these compilations a bunch of cursing/vulgarity is blasted in the mist of these other powerful speeches. It doesn't take [at lest for me] and it's less pleasant [at least for me] to attempt to be encouraged and inspired to move forward when I hear language like this. I've been in the military and that language didn't push me then and still doesn't now. Just forceful, passionate, powerful, firm, inspiring true or hopeful words of wisdom is what [in my view] is needed vs. all the vulgarity. Some of the most noted and powerful motivational speakers never or rarely use vulgarity and yet they are masters at their crafts. So I wish whoever or however these videos reconsider how they are being edited. For me, it really interrupts the process of the message. No amount of vulgarity can push you into your next level, you can get the same message without the vulgarity. It's your drive and desire and you will soar without the vulgarity. We as the world have had enough people damning and dogging us and the last thing we should want is someone who is thrusting us into what we've desired continuing the beat down. If you are watching these videos, then I'm sure you are looking for or needing a renewal of some dormant places in your life, and to have it rekindle by blasting vulgarity should not be a component. I pray you all reach your heights.

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