Hey guys Solitude here! Today I’m going to be showing you guys how to get FREE PS4 and PS3 Games in FEBRUARY 2016. This method is still working! 300 Likes for a 50$ PSN CARD GIVEAWAY! PS4 GAMES FREE 2016 , FREE GAMES FOR PS4 FEBRUARY 2016, PSN GAMES
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25 thoughts on “HOW TO GET FREE PS4/PS3 GAMES! | FREE PSN GAMES | 2016”

  1. Here is my first question: Why does this have so many likes? All you did was change the look of the PSN store via inspect element. Second: Why would someone need a $50 PSN card, if they could get any game on PS3/PS4 for abslutely free according to your video.

  2. Hello people of YouTube would anyone like to game share (I have never done it before) I got my PS3 about a month ago (I kno I'm late) but if you are interested in game sharing I only have 2 games which are little big planet 3 and plants vs zombies garden warfare if you are interested leave a comment or text me on Kik , thank you

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