42 thoughts on “How to Build an ITX PC (Kaby Lake 2017 Edition)”

  1. Please explain why the i5-7600K becomes pointless with anything less than a GTX 1060?
    I was thinking about running an i7-7700K with the EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC !

  2. Awesome for traveling and a lot more powerful, cooler and quieter than usual gaming laptops or consoles. i am getting things together to build one of these but i'm actiually waiting for zen! thanks for the quide

  3. this build and the 2016 version are heavenly if you have the exact parts listed but slightly less helpful than average otherwise. good video though

  4. Could you fit a Thermolab LP53 53mm fan into the Fractal Node case? This fan does not list an 1151 board – so it may not work on the Z270 board that you used in this video. However, the mounting bracket looks the same as the one on Thermolab's ITX30 model, or perhaps the mounting bracket for the ITX30 could be used on the LP53? If you could make it fit this board in the node 202 case, could you test the LP53's cooling performance – perhaps comparing it to a Cryorig C7? If the LP53 provides significantly better cooling, it may better justify high performing gaming chips (like the i5-7600K) in the Fractal Nose 202 case. TY for any replies.

  5. hey I've been watching your videos. I'm going to a MicroCenter in yonkers NY on friday to buy parts for a gaming pc build! I was wondering if you can recommend a build to me my budget is around 1200 dollars

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