Hot Girl with Balls Prank – Spring Break 2015


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18 thoughts on “Hot Girl with Balls Prank – Spring Break 2015”

  1. I dont get how its transphobic. Ive met transgender people, most if not all of them dont act like this at all. Ive shown this video to transgender people and they found it funny. Its literally just playing on peoples emotions as they have an expectation that flips, and then you see how they handle the flip. Some see it for what it is, some dont.

  2. Hmmm.

    1) A trans would have tucked

    2) She's crude and crass.

    3) Her reactions are more disgusting than the guys' reactions

    4) Where are the guys who were okay with it?

    5) The guys at 2:222:50 were less pranked than anyone else being more respectful than the woman.

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