Hooligans fighting England vs Russia 11/06/2016

Hooligans fighting England vs Russia 11/06/2016
Euro 2016 : Russia vs England Hooligans Fight
Русские (ЦСКА + Локо) против Англичан 11/06/2016
EURO 2016 : Russian hooligans attack england fans
Video : Rioting between masses England and Russia, Euro 2016 , Marseille, France
أحداث شغب بين جماهير المنتخب الانغليزي و جماهير المنتخب الروسي
Émeute a Marseille Euro 2016 |Hooligans Fight in Marseille | England vs Russia EURO 2016
Hooligans fight 2016


23 thoughts on “Hooligans fighting England vs Russia 11/06/2016”

  1. Englism mans are pussy…I'm am Russian and I strike always in face… Welcome in motherland 2018…bastars…ебанутые твари,зачем нарвались…надо мочитт мусульман

  2. it's a good job the 1600 English hooligans that had been banned from travelling hadn't been there. would have got messy. fuck the Russians

  3. the english hooligans had passports taken and could not travel to france so how come the russian ultra hooligans was allowed to travel. russians just attacking inocent non fighting fans and familys.

  4. Russian and especialy english hooligans are well known to world by their violence and love for drinking…. Still they made better show than current fotball matches. ^.^

  5. I think it's a fair fight – the British lad( is not realy looks like a holigan – but is stil fights –  respect from that) is in the forefront , not giving back , and is left alone , one fist and a few feet and Russians go Further what seem fair – so 1-0 for russian fans -Romanian  holigan supporter

  6. Russia= a third world shithole, with drug and alcoholics around every corner. England= one of the richest countries on earth with free health care and great history, who really wins?

  7. The Russians are impressive in their attack, the English don't stand a chance here. Anyone who's watched enough Russian hooligan fight videos knows the English are completely outmatched at this point in time. It's a drunk mob of individuals vs the calm and tactical approach of the Russians who are more of a team (not to mention trained fighters). This is coming from an Englishman.

  8. You englands drunk like a whores… look at these videos, England's fans started the fight and then FLED like the bitches from fights with Russians!…

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