(Hearthstone) Kibler On Current Issues: January 2017

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by Brian Kibler

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37 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Kibler On Current Issues: January 2017”

  1. My problems with Hearthstone are two fold. 

    1. It's clearly a pay-to-win game. Like many online games nowadays, you can throw as much real world $$$ into the game and buy the best cards, even if you are a brand new player. This means even at rank 25, your odds winning while playing with a starter deck is so low its hard to even warrant playing. This is a money making business strategy Blizzard, (as well as many others) have adopted to screw new players. 

    2. Gold advancement and purchasing packs are far too punishing. Seriously. 3 wins to get 10 gold and a single pack costs 100? Even with quests, (that can be a coin flip of good or fucking awful), that means I have to play a shit ton of games just to get a single pack. The draft format doesn't work either because you don't seem to keep the cards you draft, (which in any CCG like Magic you can keep and add to your collection). You can of course buy as many coins as you want with real money, but once again, as someone who just wants to play and collect, the reward for playing is not enough to warrant interest.

  2. it is so god damn difficult to get packs and cards as a beginner in hearth stone. when I started playing shadowverse I got about 40 packs for free, hearth stone NEEDS to make it so it so god damn daunting to even start

  3. Blizzard just needs to stop being afraid of combo decks there is a way to balance it so that it can punish control decks while not being so strong that Aggro doesn't stand a chance. Combo decks reward good play and while they can be oppressive if they are too strong they require both micro ability management and macro long game plays. Yeah patron and freeze were pretty broken and uninteractive but there is a way to make a combo deck just good not broken vs Aggro, control and anything in between.

    Curvestone is not fun, if you have to give a class A plethora of OP cards to make them viable there is something inherently wrong with the class and you should change the basics of the deck (hero power for one example) to balance them not just break them to fit your idea of what the game should look like. Slow down the game so that every deck has its place and no archetype (Aggro) is this overplayed. If there was a control deck that actually punished Aggro most of the time a combo deck that punished control most of the time and an Aggro deck that punished combo most of the time the meta wouldn't be such an issue.

    Rock Paper Scissors is bad enough but if rock beats scissors and paper most of the time then the game is broken.

  4. I get that you don't like Arena, but there are a lot of people like myself who do enjoy it. It has a "press your luck" aspect that is exciting. I agree with you that Blizzard needs to fix Arena. The faction cards from MSG for Warlock, Priest, and Mage are completely unbalanced. Everyone knows that removal is good in draft type games like Arena. What does Blizzard do? They give Warlocks, Priests, and Mage even more removal than the other classes! I think there needs to be a controlled set of cards for Arena that includes cards from all of the other sets so far and add cards to the pool that won't break the game's balance. Also, a lot of the terrible cards need to be taken out for the Arena draft pool so that we have a better chance of getting something decent to play. If Blizzard would take some time to give arena the love it needs, then it will be a much better mode of play and more enjoyable. I agree with you that making Arena Standard is not the solution. That would cause us to lose a lot of cards that are fun and it also might just benefit one or two classes and keep things unbalanced like the situation we have in ladder. Thanks for talking about Arena and bringing attention to it.

    An Arena ranking board is cool. Eternal Card Game has this. Another feature in Eternal that I think is great, is they have a small badge next to your name that shows your highest achieved rank from last season. I really like this.

    Wild format was fun until MSG came out and now it just feels too much like Standard.

    Eternal did weapons right. If you are hit by your opponent, you lose weapon charges equal to the amount of damage you are dealt. This seems to be a more balanced system with weapons. In Eternal you do not have to play a specific minion to remove an opponent's weapon. Who wants to put a boring ooze card in their deck? Almost every deck in Hearthstone runs ooze nowadays.

    Midrange is dead not just because of the pirate package and weapons but also because the Kabal faction added some major board clears. Board clears in HS are insane.

    Reno in classic set. God no. This should never happen. I think Highlander decks can survive without Reno.

  5. Decks are named according one card called Reno that says a lot about the magnitude of Reno and we want it in classic cos of the agro decks bur once agro is solved we wont need it.Brannn though mannnnn am i gonna miss him
    But oh well

  6. I think that Blizzard should definetly nerf cards in a reasonable way, even old ones. As a player who has a focus on Wild I don't like the idea of having more op bs in this format, not even for "nostalgia's sake". Although I gotta say I wish there were at least two more formats in this game: Classic with basic, classic and reward cards (so, pretty oldschool, and not plagued with the current problems) and Golden, which would contain handpicked cards from all sets. It could dynamicly gain decent cards from new expansions, but also rotate out other ones that seem overpowered, maybe with polls.

  7. Well, you earned one new subscriber with this at least. You're much more level headed than me, and you've given me some small level of hope for the game at a time where I'm worried my class (rogue) will never be the same again. I hope I can at least relive its former glory In wild, but I guess the future remains uncertain.

  8. They've said things that really worry me in many interviews. Like how Mike Donais said in an interview during an aggro meta that Tirion was a better card than Fiery War Axe. They've said that Spirit Claws was supposed to be the "bad" shaman card. It's like they don't really understand their game. I hate to say something so obviously inflammatory, but honestly I have no concept of how anyone could see Spirit Claws and think "that's a bad card." Especially after being able to test it in development.

  9. what if for the last 5 – 10 cards of your draft you can pick and neutral common minion in the game to help fill out mana curves and add to synergies? You could ban certain cards or let people only pick one of each card to stop people picking entirely based off of value. Maybe you allow 1 rare spell and 2 common spells or something to help round out decks, and to also bring back answers to play around. Instead of flame strike being the only spell to play around, maybe flame cannon becomes a hot spell pick for mages rare and people start building arena decks with that in mind?

  10. IMHO, Classic cards should never rotate out of standard format, and the pool of classic cards should remain as whole, because trying to take some of the classic cards out will be hugely problematic and no matter what they take out there will be lots of people who will be upset about it, beside deciding what to stay and what to go is a huge issue in itself, and will make it feel like it is just a tailored experience to work just they way they want, and this will sure conflict with what some of the game players want. Classic cards define the basic core of the game and all its classes, and they already cycle in a healthy way in the frequency they are used according to the current active set, so the answer to fix ranked should be in the cards they make for expansions and adventures during this active set and not the classic cards. Of course along with setting threshold for the ladder like at ranks 15, 10, 5 between rank 20 and legendary, and the increased bonus stars given after the reset, all this will make the ranked mode experience a lot better.

    And as for the arena i believe that all cards should be available for arena as well, so it should stay as a wild format, and that include cards like forgotten torch and all the rest, but instead they should fix the way card drafting works by having a more controlled 'themed like' card drafting, because in my understanding the major problem for arena is they way drafting works, the 'take one out of those random three cards from across the entire game's cards pool' is really not good at all, and reducing the pool by just kicking cards out of the arena for good is just crippling and does not solve the main issue, instead just make the pool limited by having themed drafting style and cycle between those themes, that leaves the door open to have the opportunity to build a variety of types of decks each time without crippling the arena, and this will keep it fun and appealing.

    tl;dr, Generally i'm against removing any cards, and the hand-crafted experience and tailored pool of cards does not seem like a good idea, they introduced the wild/standard format and the rotation of sets every year, and this work fine as they are imo, just introduce non-broken cards through the new expansions/adventures and fix the broken ones as soon as they are discovered, and make a themed arena draft.

  11. I think an interesting ooze variation would be an understated or Legendary minion with a Battlecry that destroys the enemy's weapon and heals you for the attack value of the weapon (similar to Harrison Jones drawing cards for durability).

    Flip side, make it a deathrattle instead of a battlecry and give it a battlecry that gives the minion taunt if the opponent has a weapon equipped.

    Obviously these ideas are untested and might be broke but I'm trying to think of a different way to address issues by adding rather than nerfing/banning/etc.

  12. So long as Ben Brode is in charge the game will never go anywhere. He cares more about making it fun and very open to the casual gamers. The players made the competitive scene and they just quickly capitalized on it. They really have no idea how to fix the issues and or as a company bring about enough constant updates to balance the game. No Blizzard game has done that well before it.

  13. love the magic the gathering reference for the arena format. i used to play it (not online though) hardcore and every set felt like a new game as the drafted cards are always from the latest set(s) but blizz would need a bit more cards available i think and complicate the game a bit more to compete with MGT on the same level

  14. i agree with 90% of what has been said here. i think i am like most people by this point when what i really want is not necessarily the best most amazing changes but just MORE changes. anything to shake the meta up more regularly and stop the game becoming so stale.

  15. Kibler – What are your thoughts on Blizzard implementing a class ban on a ladder similar to tournaments? My thoughts are each player would lock in a particular class they don't want to see on ladder, which can be changed at any time. So, if a deck becomes too cancerous, like Warrior Pirate, folks could ban Warrior for themselves. My other suggestion would be for Blizzard to take algorithm of average mana cost for all cards in a player's decks and incorporate that into the match making process. This way mid-ranged decks could see more play.

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