Google Now vs Siri – 2016 Edition

Google Now and Siri are great assistants. Both work well and have similar functionality, but which does it better? I compare both and leave it up to you as to which is better.

***Time Codes***
Intro 0:00
Phones and OS 0:13
Poll 0:35
First Task 1:16
Second Question 2:10
Third Question 2:43
Fourth Question 3:10
Setting a reminder 4:18
Asking for directions 4:50
Directions again 5:28
Personality 5:58
Fifth Question 6:13
Seventh Question 6:28
Proactive Information 7:00
Last Thoughs 8:21
Your Thoughts 8:47
End 9:05

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26 thoughts on “Google Now vs Siri – 2016 Edition”

  1. Because Google now is an external app.
    Siri is like a part of the OS so it transitions smoother than Google Now and therefore looks like it's faster. Google now has to open up a browser, it the math problems a calculator.
    Siri was faster because it gave only the answer and no other options.

  2. For me Google Now defenitely wins. Siri is faster and sometimes gives better Info, where in other parts Google does.
    Google Now often gives much more useful thinks and it can also do much more.
    The most important part is the Google Now launcher. This is absolutely amazing.
    See games, stacks, parking location, traffic, reminders, articles, timers and so on and on!
    MUCH more useful than siri.
    And to be hones most of us dont even use the speech assistand. I sometimes do to google something or ask a simple question where the next Bla is or plan a route.
    But thats it. I dont need human answers and humor…
    Google now is much more effective. I often dont even "use" Google now. I just use the "text to speech" feature of it because im too lazy to type.
    For googeling it is just perfect. Siri isnt!

  3. The thing I like about Google now… is I don't have to press a button to make it start listening to me. I can be driving along, phone mounted in the car and say "OK Google" navigate to. XYZ . and it will just do it. while navigating I can then ask it to send a text message or to call someone and never touch the phone.
    some phones Motorola especially, can be listening even when the screen is off.
    you can train it o response to only your voice.

  4. If totally we can see that SIRI is faster than google now. And the Guy who is in video not admitted that SIRI is faster than google now. When SIRI is faster than google now he always said both of answering on same time.

  5. I have difficulties finding any reason to switch to an iPhone. I'm not against Apple in general, I enjoy a few of their products, however I love Android phones and having the choice of different manufacturers.

  6. The one thing Google Now excels at is remembering previous information. Let's say you ask it "What is the current President of the US?. It's response of course would be Obama but if you ask it right after that "How old is he". It will remember and say 54

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