45 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors Vs San Antonio Spurs | Full game highlight – April 10, 2016”

  1. not an impressive win warriors really had a hard time diaw and duncan didn't play while warriors played with all their players. when these 2 meet in a series full strength i'll take spurs in 6. spurs can match warriors offense especially 3 point shooting but warriors can't match spurs defense. the 2nd time they met warriors scored their season low and career low 79 points in splash brothers era. they beat spurs minus 2 key players by just 6 points. warriors big men are scrubs especially bust bogut who can't even post up a chair just relies on tip ins can't believe scrub bogut was a no.1 pick in 2005 drafted before cp3 and dwill. duncan will still be a key against warriors in a series; the only big man of warriors that has the ability to post up is speights and for sure kerr won't use him that much because he loves small ball but small ball wont work against the spurs remember when 2014 heat used small ball and spurs destroyed them inside and out. 2014 heat are better than this current warriors although you have to admit warriors are excellent shooters they shoot the lights out incredibly but when they face the spurs in a series their shooters will struggle at some point especially curry he's already a marked man and when warriors shooters struggle they have no one to go to in the post and that is the spurs advantage they got plenty of inside options: diaw, aldridge, west and duncan even kawhi can post up.spurs have huge size advantage; pop is just resting duncan for playoffs and I believe he will still be a key against warriors

  2. I might not spell it correctly…. But just remember this name, pronounce it if you must.. Kaawhaliii This guy can ball like no other… Steph may be the best at making baskets but kawahli can do it all.

  3. Your a dumbass and clearly know nothing about basketball if u take anything out of this game or the regular season playoffs are alot different spurs are just gonna beat the warriors in 6 games in the conference finals then beat Cleveland in 5

  4. I like this game for the Spurs, I especially liked when Kawhi went in for the dunk. He made something happen, it's something the Spurs have trouble with because they're such system players, when things stop working sometimes you just have to remember what you are, an insanely talented athlete…

  5. I don't know why pop doesnot put in boban, we can use his off rebounding and size over back up david west, and boris and tim at times. boban should get regular minutes but pop wont use him enough unless its garbage minutes which will hinder spurs playoff run of they wanna go deep into playoffs.

  6. If any of you don't know much about Stephs game, then don't speak on it. On April 7th, he shot made 27 pts; he went 11-19 and only 3 were three pointers. So only 9 of those points were from the three, 2 from the free throw and 16 from the 2 pt range. On April 10th, he had 37 pts; he went 13-22 and only 4 were three pointers. so only 12 of those points were from the three 7 were from the free throw and 18 were from the 2 pt range. Not to mention 2 steals in each game with 9 and 5 assists. But some of you think he only shoots three's. The only thing Jordan has over Curry is dunk. If Curry was the same height and build as Jordan, he would be much better then Jordan. He will surpass him one day; facts are facts.

  7. Was this a Spurs broadcast? This was unbelievable. The announcers are SO excited when the Spurs score, and SO disappointed when the Warriors score, and then talk about how the Spurs need to defend better etc.

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