Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – Game 3 – Full Highlights | 2016 NBA Playoffs

NBA May 7 7th 2016 Full Game Highlights NBA 2016 Playoffs Season 2015 15-16 07.05.2016 05.07.2016 Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Warriors Clippers Cavaliers Spurs Games HD Official Recap 720p 60fps Ximo Pierto Channel Postgame Interview

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33 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – Game 3 – Full Highlights | 2016 NBA Playoffs”

  1. you suck I hate your videos on this tablet I hate you so much I just don't want to see you your videos are getting your video suck I hate them so much this is more than once we get to battle my name is Derek I need you bad battle I hate you I don't have a dad I don't have a mom I don't have anything let me see my channel because this stop you are annoying you are annoying me it is so much fun making this video you make your own videos you don't make videos no more I say you do you do what I say you are the second person I ever seen well I will see you later all I want is you suck

  2. Regardless of what team you root for, this was a really good game of basketball. Thompson and Green really showed out this game and Lillard and Akimu brought it home

  3. Ximo Pierto! I love all the hard work you put in to keep us NBA fans updated and hooked in the season and this playoffs! Appreciate it man! I see that you haven't uploaded any today. I hope that it's not because of claims of the NBA 🙁 it sucks if you can't upload any more. Don't know where to watch such great highlights for free! Hope to hear something from you.

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