Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers – Full Game Highlights | March 6, 2016 | NBA 2015-16 Season

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NBA March 6 6th 2016 Full Game Highlights NBA 2015 2016 Season 15-16 06.03.2016 03.06.2016 Warriors Clippers Cavaliers Spurs Games HD Official Recap 720p 60fps Ximo Pierto Channel

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32 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers – Full Game Highlights | March 6, 2016 | NBA 2015-16 Season”

  1. Lakers were just fucking around this season. This is just a sneak peek of what they are gonna unleash next season now that they have to give the draft pick no matter what after next season.

  2. A legacy and legend in basketball has been ruined. The Grizzlies should've won that home game and none of this would've never happened. The Spurs cost themselves that game by missing shots too much and not putting Tim Duncan in the game. They're still not better than the Bulls. Nor is Stephan Curry better than Michael Jordan. No single player is better than Jordan basketball wise he's the most decorated player ever.

  3. The Lakers really beat a team that is going to win their 73rd regular season game on Wednesday and set a new record.
    Still can't believe this happened.

  4. I really don't want Golden State to break the record because if they do a legend and legacy in basketball will be ruined. Stephan Curry has a very smart and slick mouth. Then has the nerve of steel to take shots at La Bron just because they're from the same hometown and his team is on top "I want to bring a championship to Cleveland" how dare Curry take stabs like that. Then he tries to make up these lil' bogus ass excuses or rhetorical comments whenever they loose a game. I hate this guy because he's so fake if I was Labron James after the basketball season was over with I'd catch up with Curry on my own time and slap fire from him for his slick mouth. My teams always been The Magic, Bulls, Heat, Lakers, and Pistons no matter what win or loose. Joe Dumars and Isaah Thomas were the first two players I got into. Michael Jordan just made me fall in love with basketball. I've been watching the game since 1986. Despite me not liking Curry personally I don't take nothing away from his talent nor his teammates. In my opinion Dreymod Green is the real MVP player of Golden State or whatever his name is dude be really balling. But, unfortunately he's on the prick's team and I can't support Golden State Warriors long as they got Curry on their team. It's not Lebron James fault that he's all by himself playing on that court he needs more help from his follow teammates. Like he did when he was with the Heat. The Heat Should've never unfolded but I guest the Spurs embarrassed them to the point where they had to do so.

  5. I really don't like Golden State only because of Curry he makes me sick. This guy is a prick and got a very slick mouth. He has no respect for tradition at all. Don't get me wrong Stephan Curry is a excellent shooter and may possibly be or become the greatest 3 point shooter ever. Basketball nowadays has subsequently and transitionally changed it's become more laid back than physical. In other words it's more long range shooting going on than actual penetration playing or plays being made. Lebron James is a better player than Curry because he's more well rounded and better at penetrating than any other player on the court. Labron is a one man army on the Caveliers he has no real genuine back up. The Spurs are the only team that can stop them from breaking the record and eliminating them from the playoffs. They have an equal amount of talent as Golden State or at least 4 strong players in the starting lineup. I really don't want Golden State to break the Bulls record or win another championship back to back because Curry's going to get the big head that he's better than Jordan and bandwagoners want shut up about it either. Everybody knows that The Chicago Bulls was the best winning team ever and had a lot of very high competition and proved that they was the best. The best player Jordan, Scottie Pippen best backup team player for Jordan, Steve Kukoch the 3 point killer, Ron Harper the go getter, and Dennis Rodman the rebound king. Steve Kerr was OK but just a decoy shooter and player for Jordan whenever players thought he had the ball. Steve Keer would come in and make all of his shots count because they were winning game shots or difference makers. None of the players out now could hang or compete with players from the Jordan Era accept for Cobey Bryant he's retired now, Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, and Labron James but he complains too much sometimes during the game whenever it gets real physical at times, if he did that in Jordan's time they'd put him on the bench alot.

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