Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Game 4 – Full Highlights – 2016 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Game 4 – Full Highlights – 2016 NBA Finals
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43 thoughts on “Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers – Game 4 – Full Highlights – 2016 NBA Finals”

  1. Damn who knew this would be their last win until late October and their 73 win record season would end up going down the drain championships are something to brag about not meaningless records

  2. I came here just to read the comments saying the Cavs are done, saying clever comment explaining why Warriors is a better team and how Warriors will rape Cavs again in game 5.

  3. i saw lebron at 8:11 of the video, one dribble, started on the left foot then ended also on the left foot, no call, then made the assist and made a crucial basket, if he jumped at the end of the dribble, landed on both feet, he may pivot the right foot, but in this case he was in the act of running, meaning, doing alternate steps, if thats the case, the first step after the dribble which the video has shown is his left foot, so, if the left foot took the first step after the dribble, the right foot is definitely the second step and by that, the left foot should already be the pivot foot, but as the video has shown, his left foot still went further, taking another third step, instead of being the pivot foot, now that is definitely travelling and the refs didnt call it, so the rumors were true after all, lebron is a traveller who gets away with it most of the time, hep hep hep hep hep hep hep, dont bother replying, i know what your gonna say, that i am a fucking dumb idiot, yeah right, i used to be a fan of the NBA few years ago, but no longer, i dont believe new NBA records anymore as legit, cant help it, i just dont want to be among those whose emotions are toyed by people from the top, charles barkley was right, the NBA has become unwatchable these days, i just couldnt agree more

  4. who's going to think that cavaliers have a chance with golden state like there is no competition there cavaliers always get demolished by golden state and if cavaliers win against golden state is because golden state was not even trying when cavaliers are trying there best cavaliers suck ass

  5. Has "king crybaby linebacker" Lebron James ever been called for travelling? he has perfected the 4 step layup.
    He shoves you out of the way then walks in for layups. when did basketball become a contact sport.

  6. Cavs = a bunch of fking BUMS
    LBJ “ Im done with this crap back to Miami” LOL once again Cavs will be a shitty ass team waiting to win another lottery. Not to mention they copied Raps singing the anthem and Cavs yard sale in front of stupid ass arena name Quicken Loans lol. Should of kept Wiggin
    around smh Well atleat Lebron T Bag Green LOL. So yeh its a Wrap son.

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