NEW God of War PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough includes a Mission during E3 2016. My God of War Gameplay Walkthrough will feature PS4 Gameplay. I will play the Full Game of God of War which will include a Review, Story Missions, Bosses, Gods, Characters, Cinematics and more!

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God of War is an upcoming third-person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) for the PlayStation 4. It will be the eighth installment in the God of War series, and the sequel to 2010’s God of War III. The game will be a soft reboot for the franchise and will take the series to the world of Norse mythology—all previous games were based on Greek mythology. Series protagonist Kratos will return as the main character, and he now has a son. Kratos acts as a mentor and protector to his son, and has to master the rage that has driven him for many years.

Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods. With that behind him, Kratos now lives with his son in the world of the Norse gods and monsters. He must fight to survive and teach his son to do the same. A mentor and protector of his son, who seeks his father’s respect, Kratos must master the rage that has driven him for many years. He hopes to teach his son and make amends for his past. In this new setting, Kratos will face a new pantheon of creatures, monsters, and gods.


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  1. this game is great I got chill when the fighting started In it look great.from the look of that trailer it will be a great story in plot.from this game final fantasy xv and days gone are the games i want to watch you play later this year.

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