42 thoughts on “God of War – PS4 Announcement Trailer – E3 2016”

  1. I will hope that this boy die at some point in history and the true
    Kratos reborn with his uncontrollable rage, because the game seems to be
    taking an uncertain middle course, too soft and dramatic for God of
    War. Otherwise the game will have to be renamed to God's father.

  2. I have not played the God of War games that much, but the change in combat is quite stark. The gore is even a bit tamed compared to the limb ripping you did before. However, I feel that actually helps the game, so that limb ripping you might see later will be even more awesome. :)

  3. The Last Of Us really did set the standard. They even have the whole "strained relationship with child sidekick he'll grow to love" thing going on. Looking forward to it.

  4. Not sure about this combat, looks like uncharted's melee combat, which is fine for segments but I dont know how well a game based around that kind if combat will be.

  5. I have never played god of war before. I am pc gamer but just because of this trailer I am buying a ps4 and my first game will be this gos of war! man this is smthing big smthing epiic!!

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