Getting Warmer at TCF 2017

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33 thoughts on “Getting Warmer at TCF 2017”

  1. I see you hit a cold spot. I would like to consider this lifestyle someday, and it seems like due to various circumstances I would need to wait 3 more years… time to research! I'd also like that 70 degree pursuit. I wouldn't like it too hot or too cold especially if I went the Van route. Rent is a killer, but health insurance might become just as bad if I left the job… got to give that some extra thought especially now. Take care -G.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Hope to be there in 2018. Checked out RTR seminar. Really poor audio. I guess you just have to be there. Bucket list. Safe travels

  3. Thank you for the reminder of how we should act in a camp site. I agree with everything you said. People hate generators at night. We were at a site in Oregon and it was 8p.m. ( 10:00 p.m. was time that all generators needed to be off) the people came over from the site next to us and asked us to kill our generator because it was so noisy that they could not talk to each other. We did and they brought us some pie as a thank you. Good Stuff to bring up and follow.

  4. Yes it has been cold there   and through a good size part of the   US    , but I surely would love to be   down there with you guys and it is   warmer there now    further on,,,,,   here in   Saskatchewan we are in a cold spell   thatis going to  end in a few days   really   Artic conditions,,,,,,   sometimes I think of selling myhome and   getting a nice   RV and    avoiding   cold climates      if I do this  I would still own land   where I could   park and where   nobody could tell me to leave   a  home port   or even    more than one place like that……..   A    RV  is   also  the very   easiest  way to   set up  a      OFF      GRID place   because    RV  are   already    designed  to be   off grid    many times

  5. Wow, blast from the past. As a kid Dad would to drag me down to Padre Island on his fishing trips. We slept in our 1964 Lincoln Continental (suicide doors) when cold, or on the sand in sleeping bags otherwise. All the gear was stored in the back seat, the trunk was full of fire wood. This was before there was a bridge from Corpus Christi. We took a ferry from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas, stopped at the Bob Hall pier for provisions and worked our way down island looking for fishing spots.

    As I recall we were looking for red fish or flounder, using fresh shrimp bait, and sometimes lures. What we mostly caught was salt water cat fish, or 'hard heads.' Basically trash fish. We'd throw them right on the hot coals to cook and then just pick the meat off the bones. The good stuff was filleted on the hood of the car, packed in ice and taken back home.

    I honestly don't have good memories of Padre Island. The beaches are lousy and the weather always sucks. The Gulf of Mexico is basically a cesspool.

    Port Aransas Museum –

  6. Love these videos, but I see a trend that disturbs me. I see a lot of people that have allowed themselves to become victims of processed foods and unhealthy eating. In short, the only one I saw that wasn't fat, was your lady friend.

    Eric, perhaps you might want to think of spearheading an effort to make your friends eat healthier. Especially the older R/Vers. They REALLY don't need to be filling their bodies with shit foods that are just making them fat.

  7. Nice vid, mate. Looks beaut, even if it's cold. that fire looked nice too. Looks like a fine time is/was being had by all.

    Oh and I can finally report that my Christmas card, magnet and sticker finally arrived – today, Jan 12th . Just got it from my mail box. Yaay hahaha. Very cool. Nice card – and pic of you all. 🙂

  8. Cool video Eric. Hey maybe y'all could plan on going to Daytona Beach next time. The wifi is bound to be greater there and you can drive on a big hard sand beach. If Kevin doesn't do something like that perhaps you could organize a new one to do that. That's what I would do. Just pick a time of the year when the temps are at about 75 degrees and have a great time. I've been to Daytona Beach and it's really nice with a big long wide pier that you can fish off of with a cool restaurant bar at the start of the pier. Anyways, have safe travels. Peace. 🙂

  9. Eric, do you have a video dealing with wifi on the road? I really need help in finding the best wifi deal so I can spend more time out away from utilities and parks. Thank you. (You all looked like you were FREEZING out there.)

  10. hey you guys enjoy,  -32 C (-40C=-40F) here for the last few days, maybe drop off the beach a bit and have a weenie roast ! And tell Tucker he is taken good care of CVK. Hope you all have a good time, take care, and really watch the weather…

  11. I'm enjoy a frozen Parking Lot Doing Cookies on middle 2inches Ice cover roadway. only our wind are 45-52 mph gust. but were having Jack Frost over an his 9 degrees temp witch make the windchill -29 -36 below

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