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34 thoughts on “GET READY WITH ME 2017!”

  1. I'm ready rit
    for 2017/2018
    with you TTLYTEALA
    I'm waiting on you
    Baeee tealaxx2
    I luv y'all so freaky much
    Big shout to notification squad

  2. Me, and about those cramps I feel you girl and I'm glad that you are more of an open book youtuber and not afraid to say stuff like I'm on my period and more personal info!!! Love you Teala!!!!

  3. I started my period to yesterday on Friday ik I hate it but the good thing is it only last
    3 days and I started when I was 8 lol but I'm 11 now. but ily soooooo much have an amazing day love u!

  4. Your so gorgeous and awesome love you so much your inspiring and I'm so proud of u hope to meet u someday your my fav YouTuber and vlogger and actress and person. Love ur hair and makeup and skin and your positivity and personality your sense of humor is amazing. Love the savage squad. I want to see that movie. Your perfect!

  5. You are honestly such a good person, I love you to death and your Volgs always make my so much better. We need more people like you in this world you honestly brighten my day and make me laugh and smile no matter what I'm going though. I wish more then anything that one day I could meet you. I love you and keep vloging

  6. Can I just say your outfit was nice and simple but it slayed my existence idk if you realized or if anyone else has but there's just a difference about you ever since you dropped dead weight you're literally glowing and you look so amazing keep it going love you teala

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