Galaxy S7 Hands-On: It’s Finally Here!

We go hands-on with the Galaxy S7 at Mobile World Congress 2016.

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36 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 Hands-On: It’s Finally Here!”

  1. Pls pls pls read thru :
    Pls ask Samsung to offer their flagships with built in different battery capacity. Eg S7 edge with normal 3600 , 7000 and 10000 mAh. And why not?
    S7 edge with 7000 = iphone 6S plus almost. Samsung note 4 edge 3000 mAh battery weighs in at about 49 grams. Iphone 6S plus is already heavier than S7edge by abt 40 grams.
    Guess what Lewis from Unbox Therapy said his favourite phone was on one of his videos? samsung S6 Active. Rugged with a great battery life.
    Samsung can proudly put out an ad taunting apple “ we add bulk at the right places!!!)
    This could actually sway so many people into buying to only this phone with big built in battery.
    Samsung has figured out water proofing, hybrid sim, expandable storage, great camera etc.
    Power saving mode converts an expensive phone in a $20 junk
    or quick charge or external battery pack take the mobility out of a mobile phone.
    We surely don’t mind a bit of bulk of batteries. Give us a true “World Phone”. I mean one can actually go around the globe on an airplane without having the need to charge it.
    I think only samaung has the flexibility and necessary marketing muscle to pull this off.

  2. Nothing breathtaking here. I mean, they give you the upgradable storage, but choose to not let you upgrade your battery to a higher mAh or always have an extra battery on-hand when traveling. I think that's still a feature worth bringing back. I know it would blow their water resistance (nothing is water proof), but I don't swim or shower with my phone.

  3. It's bad enough that the front is glass, does the back have to be glass too? That automatically is a deal breaker for me. No matter what, if you drop with out a case something is bound to crack.. Now i will point out that the type of metal they use for the outer edges is very durable (6013 Aluminum), why couldn't they just make the whole thing of such material? Only things i like are the expandable storage and the better camera. Basically what the S6 should of been.. it's obvious that Samsung is going the Apple route.

  4. I'm still using my note 3 (love the phone) never had any problems with it; but it is time for me to upgrade… I will be getting the silver galaxy s7 edge. I've tried the iPhone 6s, didn't like any of it. I'm just so used to having Samsung. ☺

  5. I'll buy it next year when my S5 dies. Until then, I don't see the point of spending $1100+ (in Australia outright) on a phone if your phone now still works perfectly fine.

  6. Looks awesome! Hopefully, the increased battery size and more efficient internals makes it a real all day phone. I can't wait until Black Friday 2016 to pick one up for 2/3 the release day price. Until then, I'm happily rocking my S6.

  7. Im using an iPhone 6s, I love my phone, but Samsung I am impressed and they are actually listening to their customers… I think that's great I wish Apple would do that. But I love my phone I love using it it's fast and I think Apple and Samsung have done great jobs with their phones and os this year. Oh and both phone cameras are amazing and take quality photos.

  8. meh ill pass. Samsung is in damage control mode, the only reason they brought back micro sd. I just don't trust them right now, seems innovation has really slowed. LG is becoming interesting

  9. My S5 active is on its last life and I can't handle the annoying screen flashing, so it's nice to hear the battery got a boost and the micro SD card slot is back (don't know why they took it out) but it does seem like just a beefed-up S6 so looks good in my opinion. I'll definitely be making the upgrade.

  10. Consumers getting excited because the S7 has expandable storage…….do we realize what is going on here? Smartphone manufactures have hit their limits (at least for now) in terms of innovation. They are now resorting to taking away features and then bringing them back…..just so they can say this phone is different from the last one…..Of course I'm not saying they shouldn't of brought back expandable storage….but just something to keep in mind.

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