Funny videos – Try not to laugh (Challenge Impossible)

Funny Videos by the one and only TwisterNederland

I am back, with better fail and win compilations.
No one can tell me to stop uploading videos for your pleasure!

If a fragment of the video was yours, please contact me.



33 thoughts on “Funny videos – Try not to laugh (Challenge Impossible)”

  1. Don't read this because it actually works. now you've started reading. you can't stop. a girl named Kathy drowned to death. if you email or repost this comment on at least three more videos, tomorrow will be the best day of your life. if you don't repost this comment on at least three videos, Kathy will come for you when your sleeping. this is so scary because It actually works

  2. More like try not to click these fucking annotations that fill the whole fucking screen…
    because we know most people click the video to pause/unpause/fullscreen…
    because we're fucking leaches and we want money…
    because clicks earn us money in this game-ified shit fest…
    because we exploit everything we can for same reason diseases do it…

  3. Half of these clips aren't even funny. I mean… the guy backflipping at like 8:30 was impressive. And some clips are just boring shit like a girl jumping off a diving board and nothing whatsoever happening.

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