Full Timed Shootout: Goodwood #FOS 2017

See all the exhilarating action from the Festival of Speed timed shootout. Who took it flat out to victory? #FOS Official Website: http://grrc.goodwood.coM SUBSCRIBE for more great Goodwood…

by Goodwood Road & Racing

For every vehicle enthusiast, this video was spotted today by our team and has received a 2917 number of likes! We hope you like it, as much as we do!

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21 thoughts on “Full Timed Shootout: Goodwood #FOS 2017”

  1. Столько прекрасных, мощных, легендарных автомобилей. И нет ни одного гонщика. Зачет тогда тайминг – это бесполезные результаты.
    So many beautiful, powerful, legendary cars. And there is not a single rider. Offset then timing – it's useless results.

  2. This video has gone from putty-putt historical (which I love) to full tilt boogie racing… Nick Heidfeldt? Awesome!!! I am humbled after my past posts… oh yeah! 😉

  3. Whoa! This is incredible!…the more I watch, the faster they get – really getting into some modern racing speeds here and I'm loving every moment of it!!!. All my previous criticisms are for naught. (except that Daytona driver 🙁 …hmm…). yeah I know…it's planned that way..but hell, I'm having such a good time tonight!!! Thanks to you all!

  4. Oh geez…hanging out tonight alone…feeling so much nostalgia and totally loving this video!!! Great night for me – thank you Goodwood Road & Racing. I hope those of you who have read my previous post can understand where I'm coming from – nothing nasty meant. Motor sport is a great love for me. So are beautiful women for that matter…but you know the big difference for me?…I can drive an Alfa today and a Ferrari tomorrow…but the Alfa will never be jealous!!! 😉

  5. I'm really enjoying this! Not finished yet 😉 Thank you so much for this wonderful and historical show of such epic and important vehicles of our past…the grandfathers and grandmothers of our present day cars.

    But I wanted to also say; I really like some of these drivers who are driving the old cars from the 30's. The reason is, they seem to be going for it. You can really see some driving skill…they honor the cars they drive!

    In order to run this series I suspect one has to be rich. No problem – that's all good!! But I know some of these types, and most of them can't drive their way quickly out of a parking lot!!! For those of you watching that DO know how to drive; you know, poor average guys like me who have raced and gone to pro driving schools and have done quite well, but just not the funds to realize your dream…I say, don't despair; for what it's worth, I believe you have what it takes – I know you're out there (because I'm not alone) and truth be told, I'm one – and oh so frustrated. You know. the guys that have the skills but not the bucks! This is one of my great frustrations in life. Instead I went on to become a very accomplished musician and composer – I'm totally okay with that – in fact, I love it!. But lord knows, I have an intense passion for motor sports, always have, and this video grabs my by the Skoda ;-). So what the heck am I going on about? Just seems like some of these guys in this wonderful video, have raisins for balls. (Yes I know the cars are expensive and precious so I understand). But really, a Benetton that can't take 1st? Or a Ferrari Daytona that can't place? Listen to when the Daytona driver gets on the gas coming out of a turn…sounds to me like he's looking for a parking place… 😉 lol To Goodwood Road & Racing team, thank you so much for such an inspirational and fantastic automotive video!!! Just had to vent a little since I'm just a wanna be ;-( -But damn, I sure can play piano! … 🙂 …hey, know what? So could Gilles Villeneuve – better believe baby!! 😉

  6. the only problem I have with this track is that its to small for some cars to really open up and stretch there legs. I honestly cant complain to much because I loved every minute of it but its just a slight shame to see a few of these beautiful race machines not being able to showcase why they where so great in period.

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