Full Show – Why The Illuminati Created Communism – 02/12/2016

On the Friday, February 12 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, we review highlights from Thursday’s Democrat debate, in which socialist Sanders proclaimed he is not beholden to Bilderberg kingpin Henry Kissinger, unlike Hillary. And a draft document from the Department of Education wants the state and parents to be “equal partners” in raising children, and indicates the possibility of future state-appointed routine home visits. World-renowned libertarian Lew Rockwell, the co-founder of the Mises Institute and Ron Paul’s former congressional chief of staff, joins the show today to discuss the presidential elections, the economic downward spiral and where he sees it all going.

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32 thoughts on “Full Show – Why The Illuminati Created Communism – 02/12/2016”

  1. now you guys are freaking me out. I think you guys are MkUltras, AmTv , Christopher Greene, promo the same page of food selling and the rest of the things. I bet there's more YouTube unther others name promo, panic and USA. for a revolution or a civil war.

  2. Why would a group, in whom seeks absolute control over every aspect of our society and civilization use a system in which is defined as stateless and classeless. Same goes for socialism, a system in which production is in the hands of the workers. It seems quite evident that they would a system such as capitalism, a system in which production and the decisions made about production is put in the hands of the few. I'm sorry but anyone who claims that communism, as it is intended to be, is somehow the same as fascism or totalitarianism needs go obtain a better understanding of what each specific political ideology on the political spectrum represents. Though I guess I'd be too presumptuous in believing that someone like Alex would criticize capitalism, unless he has in which I would apologize for making such an assumption. Also, yes this is coming from a classical Marxist with Trotkyist influences.

  3. now I understand why I a woman come tomy house time totime to talk to me and make me do tests. I often made mostakes on purpose to make me seem stupid and I haven't had her come to me for last few years

  4. MAYBE it's not "the government" — but the 'shadow government" that gained it's power through taking control of America's monetary system — that is to blame. Maybe the Illuminati and their moles are attempting to have the legitimate American government dismantled through some sort of false revolution (that hasn't worked out too well for the other nations that have fallen for that scheme) in order to create a vacuum — only to fill it with their NWO government?

  5. I've had one of those calls supposedly from the IRS (the man had an Indian accent), telling me that we owed a lot of money and that if we didn't pay it he'd send the sheriff out to arrest us and put us in jail. I will admit that, at first, I was worried, you don't want to mess with the IRS so I asked how much did we owe, he told me and I told him that I know my hubby had just paid off a bill owed for back taxes and that we shouldn't owe anything. Well he threatened again, said if we didn't pay the bill owed he'd call the sheriff. I told him to go ahead because I know we didn't owe anything to the government. I've yet to see a sheriff at my front door.

  6. Self-Driving Car Purchaser: "Oh boy, I've got my self-driving car so now regardless of traffic problems I'll be perfectly safe".
    Self-Driving Car Dispatch Technician: "Hey Beavis, you know what would be really cool…?"

  7. Alex wouldn't get so frustrated if he realized the fight can't be one in the flesh but rather in the spirit. You must first put on the armor of God and then go out to battle. There is no other way. This evil he speaks to is all about the coming of the anti-Chirst, satan and the tribulation. It's all a precursor leading up to that. Until Alex understands this, he will remain frustrated.

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