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Renowned art critic Roberta Van Houten is invited to a private showing at the remote Lunatic Gallery. She hopes to discover a new art medium. Instead she unveils a collection of terror and is transported into haunted tales of murder, monsters and mayhem.



27 thoughts on “Free Scary Movie | Gallery Of Fear”

  1. good plots well done, short s tories sre so hard to do. vision is good , and always get the downlow of people that will u know and ask them t heir honest opions, 1 storie I liked, keep up the good work, and hope to see your next project, cheers & good luck with your project

  2. The Chaufeur driven economy Honda. Uh huh. That could happen. It goes with the dollar store rhinestone encrusted sunglass case she's usin' as a cellphone. I guess she's one of the Lunatics on the way to the Lunatic Gallery.

  3. The Lunatic Gallery. Huh? Um.. no, I pass on that invite. Ya see, it's either a gallery OF lunatics or a gallery FOR lunatics and in either case I ain't innerested. Invite me to a Gallery of Nekkid Hotties with free beer.. and yeah, we got somethin.

  4. goosebumps meets tales from the crypt. it got a little gory at the end. some of the actors were very good some not but i watched till the end so i must have liked it.

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