Formula E – 2017 Mexico City ePrix Race Highlights

Here are the highlights of the FIA Formula E Championship 2017 Mexico City ePrix! Subscribe to our YouTube channel, visit the official FIA website …

by FIA

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  • Duration: 4:36
  • Date & time added: 2017-04-02 17:26:52

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16 thoughts on “Formula E – 2017 Mexico City ePrix Race Highlights”

  1. Andretti is a joke, all races a 3 seconds slower pitstop than the rest. Now 3 seconds too quick, it shouldn't be that difficult to stay within 1 second of the limit, for christ sake.

  2. I dislike no engine noise, so I click dislike.
    Then, I see racing and carnage completely unrivaled by F1, so I click like, and look forward to the next race highlights.

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