Forest of Demons | Full Horror Movie

Kings of Horror presents: Forest of Demons

Wishing to spend their holidays with family, alone, without a phone, without television, without the noise of the city, Weber rented an isolated house in the middle of a forest. Alone ? Not to mention a group of young people who rented the house on the same date. And especially not to mention the demons that inhabit the forest. The Weber family and the youth group will deliver a combat without thanks against these demons who know the forest. But evil is powerful and it’s a bloody chase that will go down in this gloomy and disturbing forest. Who will be the survivors?

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21 thoughts on “Forest of Demons | Full Horror Movie”

  1. i have watch all . 80% good movie due to have good story line and demonic zombie that classic i like it ,15% funny, 5% boring due to bad acting fucking old hag with axe. maybe i to much watch horror movie this's good movie from my opinion

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