First Snow Run of 2017-2018.

Getting a late start but we finally made it out on our first snow run of the 2017-2018 snow season. Conditions were not the best, but we had to see what was going on. Went up to High Rock,…

by Monster Jeep

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37 thoughts on “First Snow Run of 2017-2018.”

  1. This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to do something like this (New jeep owner) That looks so fun! Just DOPE! Forget whoever hates on this video. I’ve got a bunch of questions, what cameras were you using?

  2. Very capable Jeep. Peaceful drive. When you drive in that snow, do you have the front and rear axles locked? You seem like you know what you're doing, but I would not go out there alone though. If something breaks on your Jeep, you've got a long walk back.

  3. LOL, let it snow let it snow!  Actually, looks as if we will get flurries tomorrow here in some parts of Florida.  What have you found works best for you for tire pressures in the snow?  I hear what you're saying regarding the Hi-lift jack.  My 4 wheeling experience has mostly been on the beach for surf fishing or logging roads during hunting season, and those jacks are irreplaceable….  Great video as always!    😉

  4. Interesting. You reinforce the reason that using 4WD full-time is considered dangerous. You don't know how thin your margin is, pushing until it is too late. And you head downhill (off road) into virgin space with out way out but to go backward.

  5. Gee I drive my 2015 Wrangler Winter X edition with Goodyear Wrangler tires in way deeper snow then that and I don't slip & slide all over like that one bit like your Monster Jeep does,  maybe its because your running on "mud tires"?  or because I live way up here in snow country of Northern Ontario and I'm used to driving in deep snow?

  6. Друже, пиши якщо потрібна компанія. Маємо свій jeep club в Монреалі, хохли і бульбаші в темі цій шарять добре.

  7. Thats a nicely set-up Jeep. I particularly like the hi-lift jack at the top/front of the hood. That should throw any pedestrians up and over the windshield, thus preventing any damage to the Jeep. Great video.

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