18 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII – E3 2015 Trailer | PS4”

  1. If theyre gong to do a remake i want gear, content,item battle system, materia system, and story kept close to the original. otherwise its just a remake with no compassion for the players. which in essences is not worthwhile.

  2. i love how the narroter is sephiroth talking about the "reunion" of the meteor with the planet AND AT THE SAME TIME is the voice of the developers talking about that the game is getting remade. some super clever writing here ;-)

  3. My thoughts and Opinion: FF7 is a classic late 90's game (Played it year 97-98 to be exact), yes there's going to be some changes, but for changing it to action-based battle system type of game play? Personally, It would be a big disaster (I don't want playing like FF7 crisis core and Kingdom Hearts, loved the 2 games so don't get me wrong guys), for me FF7 has to remain classic, well of course with a new graphics, interface and turn-based style of playing that is more appealing to this generation and enjoy turn-based at its finest. I know and believe that they will stick to the original game play that made this game so famous, iconic, and loved by many. That's all and thank you for your time reading it.

  4. Honestly we needed a FFV, FFVI, and FFIX remake before we needed a FFVII remake, VI and IX both have the ultimate stories in FF, and V is the ultimate old school FF before the elements of sci-fi really got ahold of the series. VII brings in the type of fans who have only played VII or the types that only care about the updated graphics which doesn't make a game good at all. I'm still kind of irked that we have to deal with XIII even being a part of the series and bringing in all the new school Xbox type gamers. If XIII brought you here just know that 99% of the fan base hates your judgement. VII has already had almost triple the amount of installments as any other game in the series (again what's XIII?) Hopefully FFXV can revive the series considering the last FF game to be released that actually felt like a FF was FFXII and that was almost a decade ago. Cheers to all the people who have spent their time trying to get Square to remake a game when they were just trying to make a cool demonstration of the PS3 graphic system while giving some people nostalgia. You got what you wanted! See you in another ten years when you want another remake of the only FF game you've played. Here's hoping V VI and IX get remakes some day!

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