Ferrari Super Car Fail Compilation 2016 [New]

hope you enjoy this Ferrari fail and crash compilation.
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This is a corrected version. We had to upload it again.

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24 thoughts on “Ferrari Super Car Fail Compilation 2016 [New]”

  1. All supercars are unfit for public roads. And on only to be used on tracks with a racing license. So, all in all, supercars are beautiful, but useless. Driven probably by men with lots of testosteron with beautiful but useless women too, haha.

  2. The woman driving at 0:55 is smiling while she's driving like a dumbass. It would be tough not to whoop her ass when she looks over grinning as she grinds the side of that ferrari off.

  3. over 300 likes = over 300 stupid people have seen this…
    Racing fails?… pff…
    2016? nahh, not really…
    nearby crashes… wtf? where is the fail?
    others drinving into a farrari… again, where is the farrari fail…?
    and you even got a farrari engine test, where the engine was meant to blow… thats a success, not a fail…
    all i got to say is… fuck off – go take your own life please…

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