30 thoughts on “February 2017 FULL Reptile Room Tour and Update!”

  1. Also you say that all your pets are horrible to hold! That's really bad… There only like that because you need to hold them no matter what!! Also that rabbits cage is to small!! Poor thing:(

  2. You should hold your hamster all the time… I had 4 horrible lil things that bit me all the time but I held them all the time and then they became really nice and I put them along with my other 25 pets in my petting zoo and they loved being held:)

  3. just subbed since I love the way you love the animals that you've got and all the nice names. might want to cut out bits and pieces where we have to wait until it focuses or while you get your animals out. love the content though!

  4. What an awesome beastie room. I live in New Zealand where we are VERY restricted on what you can have, so I have 2 water dragons, 3 red ear turtles, 2 snake neck turtles, 15 bell frogs and 5 big tropical fish tanks. I'd love to have snakes but even the zoo here is not allowed them. I really enjoyed the tour, many thanks sir.

  5. What kind of frog do you suggest for a 20 gal. High tank? Someday I might move my crestie into a new tank and when I do I'd like something to put in the old one. Also I'm a bit of a beginner although I've had a toad before.

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