February 2017 1st week current affairs (English) – IBPS,SBI,Clerk,Police,SSC CGL,RBI,UPSC,

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42 thoughts on “February 2017 1st week current affairs (English) – IBPS,SBI,Clerk,Police,SSC CGL,RBI,UPSC,”

  1. i m so confused i m not getting which site or youtube channel to follow for current affairs..Like every site or channel is showing their own current affairs hardly 2 or 3 current affairs get match.
    p.s i m following gk.today for current affairs and both the page studyiq n gktoday have different material for same month

  2. Sir,I had been following You since very long and I an so thankful to u since I have selected for Inter college quiz competition… But I have a request.. Sir sometimes I find ur video so lengthy that we feel tired in the middle..as a result We are not able to complete that video in one go.. So I request u to number the question so that we could remember the question number and in next go we could start from there.. and it can also help us in having any break in b/w.

  3. Sir, IBPS PO mains score are out, my interview was exceptionally good but mains score is 54.5, I belong to general category. Are there any chances that I get through final selection. Please do reply sir, I'm really tensed and worried.

  4. This offends me as a vegan transgender hipster Native-American-Indo-Chinese hybrid alien agnostic-atheist German engineer who vapes fairtrade organic decaffeinated compressed and hydrated extra-protein soy breast milk on the regular and does Hindi crossfit yoga 5 times per week. I'm also a nonbinary trigender genderqueer male feminist and identify myself as a pastafarian pansexual genderfluid Apache helicopter dog of mega multi alpha beta gamma delta omega combo god of hyper death who's in a polygamous polyamorous relationship to the chihuahua which helped me cross the border of Mexico because it hates Donald Trump. My dog also walks me to the park, if you find that weird you're an ignorant arrogant homophobic gender-assuming globaphobic bloodthirsty gun-loving cisgender pansexual bestial sexist racist incestuous white-previlege misogynistic biased objectified raped privileged Nazi slave owner terrorist lesbian

  5. U are giving on an average 600 questions per month..that seems too much…sir please make a monthly video that is very much important in your 600 questions…i means select atleast 150-200 important questions from ur videos ….monthly….

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