Facelift A45 AMG vs. Audi RS3 – RACE & SOUND (60FPS)

Super FAST Autobahn ACCELERATION and SOUND shootout between the recently facelifted 2015 / 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 (2.0 R4, 381hp, 475Nm) and the new Audi RS3 (2.5 R5, 367hp, 465Nm). As I drove both of these powerful compacts in the past month it was time to put them head-to-head and compare how they accelerate and sound in real-life. While the A45 has raw and lound sound which includes raw pops & crackles the RS3 is more hollow-sounding and creates an addicting noise like a V10. In this particular shootout the RS3 has the optional “Sports Exhaust” and the A45 the optional “performance exhaust”, both with active valves (Klappenauspuff) Inside the cabin the 4-Cylinder AMG is alot more present as they let engine noise come in, the RS3 somehow gives the more relaxed character and under normaler conditions its slightly quieter. Once the RS3 opens its flaps (dynamic mode) it is phenomenal what they have squeezed our of a quite small engine. Once BMW M2 and Focus RS are available for a drive I will of course also try to capture shots! If you enjoy watching clips like this please don’t hesitate to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE!


45 thoughts on “Facelift A45 AMG vs. Audi RS3 – RACE & SOUND (60FPS)”

  1. You ought to think the top-end power would favor the highly strung 2.0 I4 AMG and the mid-end pull to favor the larger 2.5 I5 RS. Looks like it is actually the opposite.

    I find the A45 to be faster in the real world, but the RS3 to be more characterful (the inline 5 burble is awesome). Also while AMG has off-record claimed the 2.0 I4 to be maxed out without compromising reliability or fuel economy, the Audi Inline 5 clearly has more power to be found in the future down the road.

  2. That tire on the AMG looks like a winter tire, I believe. I cannot see what the Audi has but that will make a lot of difference at the high end. Depending on temperatures it could be an advantage at the low end. Those are Giugiaro's and I do not know them too well.

    I think the sound stuff is silly. I know a lot of people value it but I think most sports cars sound fine. I prefer performance.

  3. the cla45 wasn't far off from the rs3 in the race until they hit about 180 then the rs3 was pulling more. with the cla having 10kw more, the cla actually has 450nm of torque not 465 which means not only rs3 has a bigger engine but 15nm of torque more which also gave it, its win. but at the end of the day the rs3 power does come a little better than the cla's but the as much as the comments says

  4. tja da kann Benz komplett einpacken. So ein emotionales Auto wie den RS3 gibts in der Klasse nicht für Geld & gute Worte.
    1:0 für Audi.
    Jetz noch den 5Zylinder als Handschalter wie im TTRS & dann ist er perfekt.

  5. I just don't care how the Merc drives. It sound's just terrible! The boring sound of an i4 + artificiall backfire. I don't get the hype for those cracks coming out of the exhaust. I would rather go for the much slower m135i than this ricers fart canon called A45 amg…

  6. Audi rs3 has been proven time and again it's quicker on a straight drag race its quicker than the a45 even after the Merc has had a power increase

  7. South4153 the Ford rs is OK and good value but it's rubbish compared to the Merc and Audi rs3. The focus is slower than the golf r and Audi s3 in a drag race. Check you tube vids. . The Audi rs3 would slaughter it. Test drive the a45, didn't like it, rs3 much better and sounds way better

  8. Fahrleistungen sind von beiden Auto sehr ähnlich. A45 in 4,2 Sek. und RS3 in 4,3 Sekunden auf 100 km/h (das sind dann wohl die 15 mehr PS des AMG)! Für meinen Geschmack sieht der Audi viel zu "brav" aus und der Sound ist ist zwar natürlich auch gut, aber gegenüber dem A45 doch hörbar zurückhaltend. Im Gegensatz dazu, zeigt der "kleine" AMG auch schon von außen seine Kraft sehr viel deutlicher und trotz der "nur" vier Zylinder, klingt er auch meines Erachtens dennoch Potenter und deutlich auffallender. Auf jeden Fall sind beide Autos echte Raketen "Made in Germany" und die Fahrer der aller meisten PS starken Oberklasse Limousienen und SUVs, werden wohl frustriert sich ins Lenkrad krallen, wenn ihnen einer der zwei Kompakten Renner, auf der Autobahn, auf und davon fährt. Selbst ein aktueller Porsche Carrera S ist nicht schneller. Ein Respekt an die Ingenieure! Nur der Preis der Beiden, ist für die aller meisten jungen Autofans eine unüberwindbare Hürde, wenn man bedenkt, dass man mit Ausstattung jeweils den Preis von, ich sag mal mindestens 65000 bis durchaus 78000 Euro vor Auge hat und das für ein Auto dieser Fahrzeugklasse. Ist dann doch eher ein "Spielzeug" für erfolgreiche Menschen ab 40 Jahren aufwärts.

  9. Bin im A45 mal mitgefahren, das Teil ist Wahnsinn 🙂 Bin zwar Audi-Fan, aber überzeugen kann mich der RS3 nicht so richtig. Er klingt mir noch zu zahm.

  10. What? The RS3 way too quick. What y'all idiots talking bout? When the RS3 was at 246KMP/H, the A45 was still at 230KMP/H.

    But overall, both cars are nice!!!! I would rather lose them all than having to choose either or, given a chance to choose.

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