F1 2017 vs 2016: Onboard Head-To-Head | Barcelona

A flying lap in a 2016 F1 car compared to a flying lap in a 2017 car… a battle in Barcelona For more F1® videos, visit http://www.Formula1.com Like F1® on …


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25 thoughts on “F1 2017 vs 2016: Onboard Head-To-Head | Barcelona”

  1. So when do you expect they will stream F1 live on youtube/twitch …. in the year 3086 or 3087? I mean they could make more money as with TV deals … just saying.

  2. is it not that he also uses ultra's on the ferrari while in spain gp only hard medium and soft are allowed. Still ofcourse impressive that he beats 2016 pole in testing with 3.3

  3. Very nice work getting those synced up. Hard to match those replays. There guesses were pretty close. 5 seconds better equates to about 4 true/actual,,with lotsa variables. obviously. Hey, we are just getting started, so keep your cards close. This year is a clean smart slate,,could go any way.

  4. Qualifying laps this year at Barcelona sub 1:17? With loads of rubber down, engines turned up and driving in anger…..Think we are going to see new lap records on nearly every track.

  5. I can't believe how stupid the people who continually keep pointing out the 'tyre compound' aspect are. The current cars are significantly quicker than last year's alone regardless of the 'tyre compound type' due to the significant difference in durability, grip level, etc. That makes the 'compound aspect' between these laps entirely irrelevant. Just stop living in denial! You guys, I'm seriously.

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