F1 2017 Regulations: All The Key Changes

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Big changes are coming to F1 in 2017. Stay ahead of the game with our guide to the new rules and regulations… For more F1® videos, visit http://www.


30 thoughts on “F1 2017 Regulations: All The Key Changes”

  1. There are too many specifics and regulations. This sport is supposed to be about innovation and the advancement in technology, so why don' they just make health and safety guidelines and let the teams use their imagination to come up with whatever they want

  2. Even though there is little to no money in it, and the fan base is minuscule compared to something like F1…. I get FAR more enjoyment in following and watching TimeAttack cars being developed. Different looking aero is good.

  3. Not a single microgramm of enjoyment was added if after the second race you can predict who's going to win the whole championship. Like you could for the last 8 years.

  4. We need 1 groove with white color on it, so spectators can see how worn the tires are. At the moment it is impossible to see. Since it does not have to have any effect on perfomance or wet weather perfomance, it would not make tires almost any worse, it would just provide millions of viewers way to tell how worn the tires are.

  5. As usual F1 gets it half right but also half wrong. Bigger tires yes, but stop with more and more down force. I'd actually prefer to see some passing. Also stop with the fuel economy shit. Its a race car not something I'm driving to work.

  6. stopped watching "highest class of single-seat auto racing" aka F1 ages ago.

    If its truly the highest class it should be as good the engineers can make with the technology and materials available the car can be, not as an exercise of how well they can follow the rule book.

    And we could call it "Formula 1: Group B"

  7. Reminds me a lot of what cars used to look like back in the day when I followed F1 more and never missed a single race. My focus on the sport was in the decline ever since Red Bull dominated the championship. I have a genuine sense of loathing for the company using sports to promote what is essentially a shitty substitute for coffee. Now if only they would bring back the V10 engines and if Renault, McLaren and Williams would be competitive again.

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