38 thoughts on “EXTREMELY BRUTAL HITMAN KILL COMPILATION (Paris Fashion Show, The Showstopper, Hitman 6 2016)”

  1. The AI seem to be fucking retarded and blind. It's like they have 40 degree vision, can't see you from over 20 meters away, and are partly deaf. You can take an axe and kill someone 5-6 meters from  a gaurd and they wont hear it. 4 armed gaurd VS a person with a golf club, and the guy with the golf club wins. wtf lol. And all these kills are just wuicktime event. You basically press a button to win……oh boy has this franchise been dumbed down

  2. I actually think the blood in this game is perfect. So many games and movies over exaggerate blood. Its actually pretty realistic not much at first but it creates a pool as they lay.

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