36 thoughts on “Extremely 💊 Stupid Driver, Angry People vs Biker 💊 Motorcycle Compilation 2017 #12”


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    00:09 ● Omar Marjan ● https://youtu.be/bCgjkeoilCw
    03:26 ● DOCTOR ROAD ● https://youtu.be/iCzyQr-GViw
    04:10 ● MotoNoob ● https://youtu.be/7ibdiq4EDq4
    04:34 ● ViperSyl ● https://youtu.be/C3qakemUpXg
    05:12 ● Moto Jake ● https://youtu.be/u4juFnotBLI
    06:32 ● Gooneys ● https://youtu.be/d8Bvy9FPZM0
    06:59 ● Stark Biker ● https://youtu.be/tS7aDPxz7s4
    07:13 ● CB Biker ● https://youtu.be/Xsc-4yt3W3o
    08:10 ● Andrew Young ● https://youtu.be/hz3jhboUX64
    08:44 ● ExplodingBacon ● https://youtu.be/nYLqagdYxPQ
    12:32 ● Angry Skipper ● https://youtu.be/CrBFcwMJHr4
    13:02 ● Sp3ak ● https://youtu.be/KejiD97HsuI
    14:01 ● Ezra Christenson ● https://youtu.be/Ah1JWzUBXgY
    15:39 ● Repair Rider ● https://youtu.be/t79fM3vxKaA
    16:39 ● Mot Reverse 2 ● https://youtu.be/goANoQ3RbSM
    ( Mot Reverse: https://www.youtube.com/MOTREVERSE
    2°: https://www.youtube.com/MOTREVERSENoMusic2 )
    20:50 ● Roadstarr ● https://youtu.be/ab8JXpO83hQ

  2. felt bad for that Jeep that was braking too much 🙁 i would bet you that the Jeep has shitty brakes. if not worn brake pads, perhaps no brake fluid. i'm sure if the black Jeep driver could do something about it, he would :/

  3. Do you imagine you guys driving in Puerto Rico, lololol, people drive crazy over and even talk about saying something to someone, probably you will get your head blowed up just for giving a bad look, i nice to see places where people admit when they are wrong in something and how they follow the rules like how they have to, any discussion here in Puerto Rico on the street even if the opposite person is wrong, probably you will get shot here, there is no trust in the streets of Puerto Rico, only on yourself in taking care from the others in the road.

  4. I love how these morons on the bikes blame the other driver everytime, but excuse if i say this slow down and quit breaking the law that is what is going to get you hurt.

  5. I love all of these pansys in their crotch rockets. Rev your little engine, flip someone off and speed off like a coward while screaming and yelling as if you were tough.

  6. 4:11 … Pretty sure the riders blinker was on, making the truck think hes turning. kinda the riders fault.
    but at the same time he wasn't technically in the turn lane so the truck should have taken that as a red flag not to turn.
    As a driver I just never turn in front of bikes,
    and as a rider I just expect every intersection with cars in it to have at least one of them that wants to kill me

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