Everyday Makeup Routine | 2017

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Author : Shani Grimmond
Hey babes! Here is my updated everyday makeup look 🙂 It’s super simple yet still pretty full coverage. Please excuse my lovely fake tanned hands hahah, I know …


25 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Routine | 2017”

  1. Shani,
    First, really? people are complaining about your laugh lines? wtf! Jealous..Jealous..Jealous. pathetic actually. I think it's AMAZING that you have laugh lines. It obviously means that you are HAPPY!!:) Do not let anyone bring you down about that!! (Yes, I am a Mom of 3 girls❤). Second, I have never used a stipple brush to put on moisturizer. Does this help? I am old as Shit and need all the help I can get!!!! lol. I have never seen this before. Does it block your Pores at all?? Super curious!!:)

  2. duuude, i honestly thought you were like every other gay GC type of girl. But your bubbly and weird as fuck and thats what makes you so gorgeous and different. Keep rocking it man, your killing it!

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