Epic Wolf hunt! 2016 Idaho wolf down!

Turn the quality, crank the music and enjoy! Been pursuing wolves in Idaho for the 6 years it has been legal, by far the hardest animal to hunt of my life! After many close calls and sightings the stars aligned and it all came together Feb. 1st 2016! I apologize for not capturing the kill shot, it all happened so fast and I wasn’t prepared to film. Hope you guys and gals enjoy and make sure to subscribe to our channel and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @backcountrybrotherhood


36 thoughts on “Epic Wolf hunt! 2016 Idaho wolf down!”

  1. BC Brotherhood, thank you for the video! Between your video and a couple of others up your way the Mrs and I are planning on coming that direction once the snow flies and see if we can fill a tag or two.

  2. Good news 5 groups of environmental  organizations are suing USDA wildlife services in Idaho over the amount of wolves being killed and they say wolves aren't killing off elk etc.

  3. This is an awesome video 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  4. Ever since you could hunt these" things" you've been chsing them is how the vid starts off…….more dumb fucks that just like to kill shit to think its making them a man…..fuckin sad bunch of cunts.People like this is why the human race will NEVER go anywhere….pathetic bitchs

  5. You are totally a bunch of losers. Wolves do and will ALWAYS HAVE MORE BRAINS THAN YOU.  Such sadistic, barbaric and incompetent morons without ethics.  Wolves keep the ecosystem running smoothly and the balance of nature collapses without them.  If you'd only educate yourself on their importance, you might, just might get a clue.  The planet would be better off without murderers like you.

  6. You should be ashamed of yourself for not getting the shot on vid. That would have been awesome! Still congrats on a freaking super dog! You just allowed more elk and deer to flourish!!

  7. Fellas, nice job. It is a real shame that we have lost 1/2 our elk population so that the liberal left can feel good about themselves while their eating their tacos in a pub in New York City. You can see why a elk in snow has no chance against a pack of wolves. But the libs don't come over to see all the blood stains in the snow from wolves killing as many as they can catch. Not to just to eat, but often, just to kill. They will kill a entire herd of elk in 1 night. Not just the weak and old just everything they can catch. Please buy extra tags and kill as many as possible. Thumbs up Thank you.

  8. Great video, I am a fellow wolf hunter and I always enjoy reading the anti hunt comments. I think about all the brave keyboard warriors when I pull the trigger on an animal. Happy hunting

  9. Beautiful country, beautiful wolf and a clean shot. But could have been a better video without the club music and disrespect shown to the animal. That kind of approach makes the rest of us hunters look bad.

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