End Times News Update: What’s Really Happening In America? (Latest Events #51) March 2016

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44 thoughts on “End Times News Update: What’s Really Happening In America? (Latest Events #51) March 2016”

  1. I think the Trump supporters just need to arm themselves and when shit like this breaks out then now them down after while of that the shit will stop I promise and Hillary won't have enough voters lmao

  2. no people that hate Trump only heard he doesn't like Mexicans and that's because they're ignorant their IQs or somewhere around 50 and considering the Board of Education in the United States claims that 40 is retarded I guess these people are slightly above retarded that's a fact.

  3. blame the white man…yall love to kill,steal,lie,cheat,rape,and yet yall keep a smile like yall care….about this earth,more about money& greed….then once again blame the blacks & spanish…

  4. Oh there is climate change coming all right…And it's called The
    Great Tribulation! Many will be caught unawares, Food shortages then
    empty store shelves, NO food, No electricity, putrid murky rivers dead
    fish floating undrinable water..you can last a few weeks with no food,
    but no water? about 5 days.. Diseases running rampant, like
    Dysentery,Cholera- No antibiotic's to save you-blackouts with only fires
    lighting the night, fires everywhere you look, the smell of death everywhere, the dead and dying all over city streets and sidewalks..
    Swarms of desperate marauding gangs of sick and diseased people,
    reduced to thugs and murderers by hunger and thirst…But you have this
    thing against guns .leaving your children defenseless.. We tried
    to warn you, but you laughed at us..You could have been prepared for
    this, but you thought us foolish..and you thought the government would
    still take care of you..What a bitter pill it will be for you to

  5. Trump knows Jews committed 9/11, but going with the lie that the Saudis did it. Trump knows the buildings were imploded, but won't say it. Trump is an adulterer and slime ball casino owner and just turn a buck. Hillary is going to win, because jews will see to it she wins. The same way they let Bill Clinton win when he had a child by a black prostitute. Should someone be president if they have a child with a prostitute? You think jews didn't keep it hidden? The jews want corrupt scum in office, so they can undermine your country and then slaughter you. You will keep losing the battles until you lose the war.

  6. Obama is a fagot satanist. He's achieved less than Bush… and that's difficult. He manufactures tranny 3 year olds, racial division, armed illegals with fast and furious, let killary kill Gaddafi who was a real man. Stood up to the NWO unlike this queer and their fake pedophile government. America is shit now. Trump is a fake by the way, get over it. He had the same kiddie island connection that Clinton and Spacey(others obviously too.)

    Trump is no Hitler. He won't release 9/11 records, he won't audit the fed, he won't bring factories back to America. America is over right now, and anyone who is asleep enough to realize this, wake up. White genocide is real, and this is what our commie government who lost WWII wanted. The Brits run by Jews have wanted this all along… last man who beat these fuckers straight up was Andrew Jackson. He also took out the Fed. Before that Jefferson did… look at McKinley, Garfield, Lincoln and JFK… they were killed for similar reasons.

    Dumb Jew press had us enter WWII… should have listened to Lindbergh, Freedman, Ford, and other smart men about it. Choosing communism run by Jews like Lenin and Trotsky, well, look around America. Look at common core, and look at how many traitors we've had in the government since JFK was President. Since 9/11, America was game over. Trump is no Putin, and Putin just decided China was a better bet for a win.

  7. the biggest wonder of life is that we live yet , never ask any questions , we live as we are living for ever,,,, what are people serious ?…… its easy to live a lie , well it just what we do all our lives

  8. but dont worry just keep shopping and being greedy …..and think that u are free…. we are just like robots controlled by the so called entrepreneurs. just take all for granted, dont ask why i am here as a human being in this infinite universe for a life span of 70 to 90 years and than die for eternity it just dont make sense

  9. all that happens in the world is created by our collective consciousness which also has collective subconsciousness which is the past the dead and collective supra consciousness which is the ego remember Hitler he was created by us trough ego .
    the so called reality is a projection of our consciousness……..

  10. i am scaaaaaaareeeeeed …. the world will end when i die or you die…… why people desire so much the end of the world ? is it guilt for the wars of the 2 imperialists that killed so many innocent people in our name? If you desire it so much than it will happen , we are in control trough collective consciousness……

  11. OBAMA says we don't need Trump, the country is doing better now, WHAT? all most $20 trillion in debt is doing better? Is he telling me that he really thinks that American citizens can't balance a checkbook and that we are STUPID morons?

  12. I can't believe how uncivil people are behaving in public, even pet cats and dogs act better than that in public. And what if he's the next President is that how they want to be remembered that their worse than animals, my God.

  13. Why is Obama being blamed for everything? our country is heading towards destruction and many are to blame Trump is the first. will he take his share of responsibility. the enemy has them blind.

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