END OF THE WORLD TORNADO UP CLOSE – Sulphur Oklahoma Raw Footage May 9, 2016

Violent mile wide tornado witnessed up close. This is the second tornado I intercepted May 9, 2016 near Sulphur Oklahoma. Available in 4K. For licensing contact hankschyma@yahoo.com

I’ve witnessed Numerous EF4’s and one EF5 not including the downgraded El Reno 2013 tornado. I can’t ever recall seeing mesocyclone motion this extreme. It looked like the end of the world scene in a movie. If this tornado hit a structure dead on it will likely get an EF5 rating, however this tornado traveled mostly through unpopulated area… Thanks heavens! I’m not sure if this tornado had any fatalities, however one structure I witnessed was leveled minus the chimney. Large hail up to eggs were noted with this storm. More info soon…

No fatalities were reported with this tornado, only a few injuries. This storm impacted relatively few structures and only earned an EF3 rating as it curved a mile wide path through open country. The dramatic Katie-Wynnewood Oklahoma tornado prior to this one unfortunately killed a man in his home. This tornado tore the roof clean off the house before flinging it a hundred feet in the air into pieces. You can see that video in slow motion here…



22 thoughts on “END OF THE WORLD TORNADO UP CLOSE – Sulphur Oklahoma Raw Footage May 9, 2016”

  1. You alright dude? You hungry? Have some food? You're not too upset about this are you? I LOST IT! LOL! Fantastic video! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. in my area I was born too late to experience my towns ef 3/4 tornado in higginsville mo in the 70's, no video of it that we know of but it fucked alot of stuff up

  3. you blow me away bud,no one touches your vids,your fan rob,send some up to ontario for us huh…lmao….p,s, love the humane jokes they are a great topper,be safe my friend…..

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