Emma Stone reacts to Oscar’s blunder – Full backstage Interview

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Emma Stone reacts to Oscar’s blunder – Full backstage Interview.

32 thoughts on “Emma Stone reacts to Oscar’s blunder – Full backstage Interview”

  1. A genuine person in Hollywood that appears to literally have none of the artifices just won Best Actress. Thats dope. Fuck the confusion over best picture, Moonlight deserved it.

  2. Wow, I am not even an oscar winner and I can fake a congradulations better than that. All her answers (to not so great questions) were so weird. Really sloppy answers followed up by "again, I don't know if that was a good answer." So awkward…esp the Emma Watson question.

  3. 2:52 — Emma was one of my favorite actresses until that. I loved her in the Help and La La Land but her comment about the card seemed unbelievably nasty. I'm sure it was a crazy tough moment but that was a low shot.

  4. So easy to armchair quarterback. These people need to think on their feet and react within seconds. Beatty and Dunaway where presenting an award if front of millions and millions of people (and under pressure to "keep it moving" no doubt) and they were handed the wrong envelop. How well would YOU have handled that? Emma Stone handled the interview beautifully.

  5. You know for winning best actress she sure is pretty bad at convincing everyone that she is happy for Moonlight. She looked like she wanted to cry that La La Land didn't win when she was congratulating Moonlight. "God I love Moonlight" sounds like something her publicist told her to say after that debacle.

  6. Just like skydiving, where you are susceptible to errors after you get a few dives under your belt and get a little careless. Brian Cullinan had been doing this for a number of years and felt confident enough to Tweet while trying to do his job. I can't imagine a first timer doing that.

  7. To all people who commented and knew about this interview and to Emma Stone, I deeply feel sorry and shameful for the question asked by the Hong Kong reporter…I myself is from Hong Kong and for clarification, the reason that the reporter asked such question is because of the "culture" (I would say) for journalists to ask these kind of stuff. But it's true that the reporter should consider the fact that it might not be appropriate to say that. And if I were to get a chance to be in this international interview, I would really ask sth meaningful. Honestly we have a lot of respect for people in other countries, at least I do.

  8. Hi, I'm Emma Stone, I'm a complete cunt that thinks my career will ever get nearly as far as the guy I'm shitting all over right now. I mean these productions are so perfect, so I have no idea what that asshole is talking about with a "wrong envelope or card".

    What an arrogant cunt.

  9. at least the oscars had the decency to call the real winners' names first this year — if disatisfied minority protests continue — might have to make it a best picture tradition

  10. It's clearly so easy to get an Oscar for next year. make a movie about blacks,gays and trannies while attacking trump and their you go you will sweep the floor. Badly Moonlight only won because of Hollywoods agendas. Gay and black but mainly gay off course you will win.

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