Make in India week, a week that will spark a renewed sense of pride in Indian

industry by showcasing the potential of design, innovation and sustainability across

India’s manufacturing sectors in the coming decade.

Make in India Week, is a flagship event under the overarching program Make in

India, organized by Govt. of India to showcase and create awareness on ‘India as

the next big manufacturing destination’. This event is commencing at MMRDA

grounds in Mumbai from 13th to 18th February 2016 and will be inaugurated by

Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi on 13th February, 2016.

The Make in India Week would showcase the people, policies and partnerships that

are driving India’s new manufacturing revolution. Set against the vibrant backdrop of

India’s commercial capital – Mumbai, this week long calendar would offer

unprecedented access, insights and opportunities to connect and collaborate with

India and global industry leaders/visionaries, academicians, central and state

administrations. The event is poised to celebrate the success stories of Indian and

Global MNC’s changing Indian manufacturing landscape.

Catch the Hackathon, Live at Make in India week on 16th February 2016.



  1. Super Baims of Younger India !Talents unlimited and adlibidum in India.

    Whether all these super talented students' project proposals are atleast viewed by the Prime Minister and his team of expert Advisors in Seience and Technology Ministry and Industries and Commerce Ministry?!!

    Or else,whether these wonderful social entrepreneurial projects will just be brushed aside as usual after all these funfare & fanfare mingles in the vanishing air flowing through the Mad,Mad world of Indian Politicians.???!!!

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