Drake ft Giggs NEW SONG 2017

Drake ft Giggs NEW SONG 2017…Boy Meets World Tour.

by Hustle Hearted

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35 thoughts on “Drake ft Giggs NEW SONG 2017”

  1. the cadence and short lines mixed with beat breaks are all jacked from xxx's "look at me", so you can't even deny Drake didn't take notes. It's music though, artist should be allowed to take inspiration just not steal.

  2. I think this album and views were both great. More Life is actually amazing to me. My fav drake album is NWTS. I never looked at him as an amazing rapper. Even when he was just getting famous you should have seen he was made for the mainstream industry side of music. I love all his work. I have a very open mind to music. I do not respect him as an MC cuz he doesn't claim that or rap like that.

  3. xxx look at me was trash for all you dumb no minded fucks would like no rymes screaming the same shit over and over drizzy ain't steal shit that's rap styles get taken y'all talk shit bout drake but watching this over and over stfu y'all dumb

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