28 thoughts on “DRAG RACE 2016 : BMW X6 M vs Mercedes AMG GLE63 S vs Range Rover Sport SVR”

  1. Not fair competitors for the SVR. Put a GLS 63 AMG against it, then see who wins. And BTW X6M and GLE 63 can't even compare to Range Rover in terms of off-road capability, interior quality, practicality and, of course, the reputation.

  2. i do not think we are comparing apple to apple here if consider heigher weight of RR , i still go for RR … Best STYLISH SHARP LOOKING among all of them … more luxury and better loading spaces and has best off Roading capability …
    Civilian Traffic roles won't allow any of them exceed speeds limits so no point of having a race car at your home !!!

  3. The GLE would win if there was more distance tho u can see the GLE was so close from the X6m , BMW use better grip than mercedes in general but mercedes have better engine structure

  4. bmw x6m is fast as fuck…., yesterday in the highway ive seen a bmw x6m chasing the speeding porsche panamera turbo and s65 amg w222 then overtaked it like a piece of cake

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