Douglas Murray vs. Sara Khan: Tackling Extremism after Manchester (2017)

More policing? Less Islam? Braver Universities? Murray and Khan discuss how to prevent further terror attacks in the United Kingdom. Recorded from “Sunday …

by John Moore

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25 thoughts on “Douglas Murray vs. Sara Khan: Tackling Extremism after Manchester (2017)”

  1. The problem is NOT mooslems. The problem is ISLAM, what it advocates, what it practices and what it teaches. Unless mooslems are willing and agreed that islam itself needs modifying, bringing into the 21st century, then the problem it poses and represents simply will NEVER go away. So if that IS the case? then the ONLY way forward? is to ban mooslems from living in ANY western civilisation because the 2 society;s are INCAPABLE of living together. THAT is a FACT you really can NOT deny!

  2. Islam is a cancer on this world that is slowly but surely eating us up. It should be hit with all the usual weapons that are used in a fight against cancer. On of the most often used weapons used in the fight against cancer is Radiation. Radiation can be applied in huge doses in the form of an Hydrogen Bomb, that can be applied at a liberal dose over the main cancer that being the entire Middle East.

  3. This was an awesome conversation. They agree almost entirely and disagree on the margins on how to get better. This idea of Murray VS Khan is a bit childish. They are having a grown up conversation without any side being willfully ignorant.

  4. Islam, like Judaism, in a much smaller realm but far more entrenched, finds common ground with the label of racial affinity.

    All of this bypasses the importance of the human species across the globe

    Labels separate our species which justifies murder.

    It perpetuates fear, David Ickes reptilian Moon theories notwithstanding,.

    We all need to poop and pee, we are all humans.

    A notion that social,, political, economic, cultural or other means can be immersed into bodily functions commensurate with justice is not only foolish but pornographic in it`s interpretation.

    Heavy stuff but exercise that mush between your ears. That will frighten those that frighten you.

  5. I'd had enough of islamic extremists after 9/11..About time these evil weirdos we're neutralised..When a young thing like that, born and bread in our country slaughters innocent children, its plain to see how religiously and culturally different we are from them.Pure evil

  6. Douglas Murray represents an attempt to silence critics of Israel’s occupation since the Jewish-Zionist managed to grip on both American and Europen film and Television . Isil is a terror group that killed many muslims than non muslims and it has nothing to do with the faith of 1.8 billion peaceful muslims. All muslims utterly condemn ISIS who are abusing the name of Islam with their acts of terrorism. When terrorism strikes, the campaign of misinformation repeats itself, time and again through fafbrications, hatred and lies . Scoops need to stop!!! God says: : “Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:). Isis is a terrorist organization, pure and simple if this British journalist said anything about Jews or Christians that was remotely similar to what they spout about Muslims, Douglas Murray would be a person not worthy of watching and reading.Why doesn’t he talk about the Palestinians, the oppressed people subjected to occupation, siege and a brutal military on slaught? ? In a world where there is so much injustice and bloodshed, supporters of Israel seem to be ignorant , stupid and lazy haters living squeezed together, frenzied as wasps in the dirty nest of ignorance , islamophobia and and fabrication. The world’s 1.8 billion Muslims should not be held responsible for the actions of a tiny group of terrorists and barbarians, ISIL and Boko Haram criminals .When someone commits an act of random violence ,Douglas Murray and Some journalists and islamophobs like , glove scoops. The Truth of Islam is meant for all people regardless of race, nationality or linguistic background. Taking a look at the Muslim World, from Nigeria to Bosnia and from Malaysia to Afghanistan, from USA to Europe is enough to prove that the Universal message of Islam is for all of mankind yet Biased media, especially in the USA, rushed into a feverish contest to depict Islam as a religion based on savagery, intolerance and blood-thirst.While Islam has, for centuries, obtained numerous conversions from Christianity without much effort or organized missionary activities, Christianity has almost never been able to achieve conversions from Islam in spite of sophisticated means and well-organized missionary activities, and it has always been at a disadvantage in its competition with Islam for fourteen centuries. This has caused its missionaries and most of the orientalists to develop a complex within themselves by depicting Islam and introducing it as a regressive, vulgar religion of savage people. If history is to be read with an objective eye, such allegations will easily be debunked. Countless stereotypes and misrepresentation about islam, most of the information that is spread via media is simply not accurate. The vast majority of Muslims are moderate, pious people who suffer more from terrorism and violence than non-Muslims. .Nonetheless, even after the events of September, a wave of new Muslims embraced Islam all over the world. In the USA alone, more than 30000 persons embraced Islam and Muslims are the second largest religious groups in France, Great Britain and USA. Despite Islamophobia, thoughtful Americans and Europeans who are curious about the real nature of Islam might go out of their way to discover the teachings of the religion from reliable sources .

  7. I like what Sara Khan is saying and it would be wonderful if her suggestions finally became reality but sadly they won't because Islam will never change. It will never drag it's arse out of the dark ages because the mad Mullah's and Imams won't allow it, that's why virtually every Muslim state is a repressed, backward shithole because Islam will not let a country develop. Douglas is right when he says that we need to recognize the threat from this ideology and take strong measures to combat it. What measures depends on how much of a spine our traitorous virtue signalling politicians can develop. These bastards have much blood on their hands, they have had decades to deal with this problem and done nothing. They sat on their hands for years as Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghan paedophiles raped British kids and did nothing for fear of causing offense to Muslims which caused great offense to Christians, Jews, Bhuddists, Hindus Sikhs, Pagans, devil worshippers and everybody else who couldn't understand why the vilest ideology on this planet was being so heavily protected, they had to be literally shamed into taking action. All the afore mentioned religions and belief systems integrated just fine and ask nothing of us, why can't Islam?

  8. Any ideology which deems that I DESERVE TO BE KILLED just because I oppose that ideology and will use words but NOT VIOLENCE against it, really MUST be stopped WITH deadly physical violence IF NECESSARY.
    Read that statement again, carefully, and think about it.
    If we liken Islam to a forest fire, then the ones we are identifying as the "extremists" are the flames, consuming huge quantities of our valuable forestry.
    The ones who want to identify as being moderate, are like the embers.
    The embers point at the flames and say, "They are not us" and we have to agree, they are not. The flames are different in that they are far more visible and vastly more destructive. What we do not acknowledge is that even the smouldering embers are consuming wood and spreading, just a little slower. We neglect to identify that the embers are what provide the heat-source for another flare-up.
    Another thing that we need to realise is that these flames cannot exist in isolation. They are only the visible manifestation of what is really happening beneath the surface. The flames only exist because they erupt from a high density of embers. If we could make the flames invisible, we would see that really, there is nothing BUT embers – hot, angry, rapidly spreading embers. It is really the embers themselves which are doing all the damage, the flames are just the result and the means by which untouched wood in the vicinity becomes hot enough to become embers which emit their own flames.
    We would not enter a fire and put out the flames, leaving behind smouldering embers because we KNOW that given proximity of fuel and oxygen, there is a serious risk of those embers leading to flames once more. We need to douse the entire area in water, ensure that there are no pockets of smouldering material, create fire-breaks to isolate anything we might have missed and do everything we can to protect the remaining trees from succumbing to being consumed by further combustion.
    So, to continue and extend the analogy, why are we being told that we must stop using the water of rational discourse, ridicule, shaming and, exposure of the real truth behind this destructive ideology and those who perpetuate and protect it?
    Why do we actively feed it the air of supposed legitimacy and give it the very oxygen that it needs?
    Why is it that our fire-fighters are being told to stand down and appease it in the hope that it will burn itself out? It will not. It will just continue to consume our values, our resources and our people leaving nothing but ash in its place.

  9. Imagine there's no Muslims,
    It easy if you try
    Imagine all the people
    No longer living in fear.
    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    There are many here among us
    Who believe Islam should be hung.

  10. No muslims respect Sara Khan. She is seen as a traitor and is totally ineffective. Her entire career has been forged from fooling non-Muslim authority figures that she can bend the ear of muslims. She's a joke and she projects the illusion that the prevent strategy is effective when anybody who looks at the outcomes can see it's just a giant money pit

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