20 thoughts on “Doublelift- NA LCS Power Rankings (2017 SPRING)”

  1. funny exept 1 thing. ryu is a 'monster' and froggen is 'gonna be ok' like wtf? nothing to take away from ryu but he is not to be compared to froggen for real…… i mean froggen actually 1 vs 9 last season and ryu did ok and that's it. froggen can be a star and was one and ryu is good or ok at best

    maybe double doesn't know how good froggen is cause he doesn't wanna see any international events after his own performances ^^ (… no think double was/is good but froggen is better of a midlaner than na lcs deserves :including bergsen, jensen;)

  2. What is with wildturtle i rly wanna now if u lile hes playstyle i know uts probably hard talk about tsm new adc but i rly inttested in it what u think about him u said not a single word about wildturtle just about biofrost in botside

  3. i never thought flyquest would be last like all powerrankings said they would be- even if their mechanics suck, experience matters 3 times as much. Look at jensen, we all know how good he is and could have been, but he fucking SUCKED the first split he played in because he was inexperienced. Balls, hai and lemon might suck mechanically but their pro experience as well as lemon, balls and hai being in the same team for many years is enough to carry the team into my estimate of 4-7th (average in LCS).

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