Donald Trump Cpac Speech 2017 FULL Donald Trump CPAC 2017 SPEECH

Donald Trump Cpac Speech 2017 FULL Donald Trump CPAC 2017 SPEECH Donald Trump Cpac Speech 2017 FULL Donald Trump CPAC 2017 SPEECH.


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41 thoughts on “Donald Trump Cpac Speech 2017 FULL Donald Trump CPAC 2017 SPEECH”

  1. Finally a Man who represents Americans!!!!!!! Who would've ever thought that a blue collar billionaire would become America's savior!! I guess the Lord does work in mysterious ways…

  2. I'm an independent and I like some of Trump's policies including immigration but, the Wall is a dumb idea and a waste of money. Should enforce existing laws regarding employers hiring illegal immigrants.

  3. 32:35 The # 1 reason Anti-Trump people hate Trump. They don't like the idea of actually having to get off their worthless asses, off of welfare and working a JOB (I know right a JOB!) He's Lucifer himself!

  4. Remember when he called the New York post as "John Miller" and bragged about what a great guy he was and how the ladies loved him? I wonder if he'd call that "fake news" what a buffoon

  5. I'm not an American, I'm a Hindu living in India.. but still I say "WHAT A LEADER" Man.. he stands by the people who trusted and voted him to power and he cares two hoots to his opponents… My knees bend with reverence when I see and hear this kind of a leader, who is indeed a breath of fresh air in the stale air of treachery that has come to signify politics all over the world . And in a way, I'm ENVIOUS of the American people for electing such a true-blue leader.. Another leader who is really standing by his people is Viktor Orban of Hungary…!!

  6. oooops!…Once again I spoke too soon! He DID change his speech….now he has insulted the fucking French too! Wonder what the tourist numbers will be in Paris THIS year now???? You are the AMERICAN PRESIDENT…..Your words MATTER!!!!!! Diplomatic simpleton!!

  7. Wonderful speech????….It is the EXACT same speech he has given EVERY SINGLE TIME HE SPEAKS!!!! He WON for fucks sake, why give the SAME campaign speech every time you are on the podium????? It is like "Groundhog Day!" Just get on with it!!! What a one trick pony this con artist is…..and apparently you are all buying it!! Laughing stock of the ENTIRE world!!!

  8. Trump is so American and wants to make America great again, bring back American values, support American families. Yet, he does not wear a wedding ring. I thought he was married.

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