21 thoughts on “dogs protect police compilation 2016”

  1. You can clearly see the difference between UK trained dogs and US trained. The UK police dog chased but was responsible enough to pull back of its own accord and quickly look back to its handler for direction, without any sense of aggression when chasing its perp. But the US police dogs are just as violent and desperate as the police themselves. Why the fuck they think it's okay to have a lone policeman out with a dog is beyond me. If the dog or the policeman was harmed, or the dog was uncontrollable, what the fuck would happen? The officer was trying to cuff the guy while the dog's still attached. There's no control there, you've just got a perp writhing in pain, unable to comprehend the orders you'd be yelling at him, same with every other video. The dogs are there to catch and subdue until you rush in, not to carry on biting while you aim guns (US police force's favourite toy) at the guy for an eternity while he's getting chewed up to fuck, leaving your dog in a vulnerable position.

  2. The police should not let the dogs run after people. It is not human. Sure it will make their life easier so they wont have to run with that military accessories, but it is still not human.

  3. Any dog can out run a human thats just how they are made we are on the Top of the food chain cause we are smart they are on the top because they can run fast and they are much stronger so remember look the dog in the eye and hold it by the collor and stay confident and make quiet growling nosies cause dogs can hear really well.

  4. Lol if a cop set a dog onto my land without permission that fucking mutt is gonna get shot and I'm gonna laugh at the cop when he asks why the fuck I shot his mutt when he let it into my fucking land without permission

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