Disappointing Beauty Products! 2016 | Casey Holmes

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batiste dry shampoo

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22 thoughts on “Disappointing Beauty Products! 2016 | Casey Holmes”

  1. The covergirl shadows actually work really well on top of a pigmented cream shadow, like a nyx jumbo pencil, or a maybelline color tattoo. Also, Ive heard of a kind of skin problem where your skin rejects pigment, and I feel like you may have that problem. I have a patch of skin like that on my face, and it does alright with creams, but powders DO NOT show up. I've even taken really pigmented shadows and put it there and they are SUPER LIGHT. You might want to look into this. There are a few things you can do to try to help.

  2. you and I are a lot alike in the sense of skin type, and smell sensitivity so I actually take you what you say very seriously and appreciate that u are vocal about what works for u. Thanks!

  3. The covergirl nudes pallete shadows all go on super pigmented and stay all day for me as long as I wet my brush with a glycerin-based setting spray…especially the shimmery taupe shade

  4. I so respect your honesty in these types of videos. There is no reason whatsoever anyone should give your grief (company or viewers) for your view on certain items you've tried that just so happen to not have worked for you. I hope you continue doing these because they are incredibly helpful.

  5. also, i tried that CG palette, and i also swatched the shimmer shades and they were so gorgeous, then i just couldnt get it to translate the same on my lids!! & i tried it on a great primer, and i also tried it with everything from TooFaced glitter glue and other brands glitter glues and other primers sticky bases, and tried it with MAC Fix+ and Mario Bs rose water, and so much more, but nothing worked for me as well, it really is just a very subtle look type of palette(s).
    one last thing, it sucks that the IT Cos. Bye Bye Pores did work, cuz its like photoshop for the skin!! soo smoothing and the pores disappear and lasts really well on my oily skin, but i was wondering if youve tried their newer pressed version?? cuz ive been wanting to try the newer Bye Bye Pores Pressed compact, but havent gotten around to it yet, cuz theres been soo many other great products that keep coming out and distracting me, but i was wondering if you would maybe have a different outcome with the newer pressed version??
    btw, what are some newer great foundations/powders that have been working for your oily skin? cuz since my skin did a 180 and went from dry to oily on me, i cant wear most of my dewy foundations, and have been looking for the better foundations/powders for oily skin, and i also love to have options, so im on the hunt for more than just one foundation and powder that works for my newly oily skin!! 😉 haha, thanx for all your help!! 🙂 ♡♥♡♥♡

  6. girl, my skin recently wemt from dry to oily over night… and unfortunately for me too, the MUFE HD foundation didnt work, havent tried the ultra hd liquid, but tried the stick, and i looked super greasy and it did slip and slide:( so youre not the only one who had that outcome with that foundation, and it sucks cuz i know what you mean with how it looks incredible on sooooo many diff people/skin types!!! :(

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