Dirty Intentions | TCR Mud Fest 2015

Triple Canopy Ranch Mud Fest 2015
Labor Day Weekend | Mud Bogging


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20 thoughts on “Dirty Intentions | TCR Mud Fest 2015”

  1. I like the Old Perv @ 1:50, recording the skanky-but-hottie in the purple bikini, twerking. His plan: Go home and BOX THE CLOWN to his new imaginary lover! GO OLD PERV! Yank it off, as in BOX THE CLOWN! Bwaaah!

  2. Also…just noticed one of the band members wearing a shirt that says, "fuck ISIS". ISIS is clearly a faction with different cultural beliefs..yet we (they/southern mudders) praise a black rap cultural, promoting interacial sex..murder..theft..debauchery etc. While condemning the same things about another culture…simply because a government deems it..? Hmmmm, looks like all those "pry my gun from my cold dead hands" southerners are playing into the hands of the owners of the globe. too funny

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