Demand Better Media in 2015

While we have a lot to celebrate in 2014, some things aren’t changing fast enough. We all – men and boys, women and girls – must combat harmful stereotypes and demand better representation in our media and culture at large.

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20 thoughts on “Demand Better Media in 2015”

  1. I'm hoping that 2016 is better than 2015. I've seen some things for the better, but not enough to really make a difference. It's projects like this and one I saw recently LetmeBME that are working toward making a difference, and for that – I'm grateful.

  2. Funny I always thought it was about giving everyone the opportunity if they had the ability. That I can agree with, but the rest comes off as complaining. Also sadly in very dangerous and violent situations sometimes the only way to solve problems is with violence. When you can talk about it first great, but it doesn't always work out that way. I doubt anyone at the project watched any of those shows…

    Look forward to hearing your complaints about this year….No not really. Btw I'm secure in being a man and I don't need an advertiser or video game to tell me how to behave. Perhaps telling people to think for themselves should be the message.

  3. Oh no, men using violence to solve their problems in a zombie apocalypse. This is just material that have been cherry picked from our media. Also, anyone who hasn't seen Star Wars: Force Awakens, I will warn you they were way more concerned with having a female lead than they were with making a good movie.

  4. They just tacked that thing about males being misrepresented on the end to make it seem balanced. We don't care that our characters in video games kill people, that's the whole point.

  5. Fuck Anita Sarkeesian
    She's not a real Feminist. She's an attention whore who's arguments are ridiculous and unfounded, and she steals footage and resources from other people without crediting them.

  6. You half-witted drones have such shallow and trouble-free lives that they actually revolve around trying to enforce quotas in mass media.
    You would have made terrific commissars during the Stalin era.

  7. "Male characters encouraged to solve their problems through violence"
    Ok I didn't get this one, the walking dead is a show about survival, there has to be violence.
    First, not all male characters solve their problems through violence.. Ex: Tyreese
    Second, female characters also use violence in that show. Ex: (Michonne, Sasha, Maggie, Carol etc….)
    Great video tho

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